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If these entrepreneurs can build successful businesses in Africa, you can do it too!

Meet Maria, the amazing entrepreneur who is empowering a generation and baking her way to the top

photo credit: Sweet Cake TV Everybody loves cake. Except you’re avoiding the tasty treat for health or religious reasons, you’re almost certainly a freak. How can any living, breathing human not love cake? We gift and expect cakes to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, promotion, retirement and dozens of other special moments. In fact, cakes [...]

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I listened to this speech 42 times in 24 hours. You need to see this!

The short video you're about to watch could change your life. If you can -- and you most certainly should -- watch it at the beginning of every week for the rest of this year. You know, it's only been a few weeks since this year started. January 1st feels just like yesterday. I can't [...]

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How A Frustrating Experience Inspired This Entrepreneur To Start A Solar Company in Tanzania

Richard Awuor had a remarkable career in the corporate world. But a frustrating experience at a Tanzanian airport in 2014 sparked an overwhelming idea and interest that led him off the corporate track into entrepreneurship. Richard has joined Africa’s growing army of solar entrepreneurs who are using Africa’s abundant supply of clean, free and renewable [...]

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John-Paul speaks about Nigeria’s newly-relaxed visa rules

If you seriously want to attract visitors, you'll make it easier for them to know you, and reach you. This principle works the same when a country needs to attract foreign investors. However, Nigeria -- Africa's biggest economy -- is often a hard target for individual investors looking to explore opportunities in one of the [...]

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11 Business Opportunities in Africa That Will Make More Millionaires in 2017

2016 was “The Year of the Valley” for Africa. After nearly a decade of galloping economic growth, the continent experienced a very sharp decline last year. The hardest hit were the major commodity exporters, especially Nigeria, Angola and South Africa. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, went through a recession and its currency took a severe beating, [...]

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This Interesting Technology Could Replace All The Bad Roads in Africa

(photo credit: Realm Africa Safaris) In many parts of Africa, 85% of roads are unusable during the wet season. And even at the current level of investment to improve the continent's road infrastructure, estimates show it could take Africa up to 50 years to catch up with the developed world. Moving goods across distances is [...]

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This Study Reveals The 5 Biggest Regrets People Have Before They Die

photo credit: Do you have any regrets? Most people do. But it appears our regrets gain a lot of weight as we approach the end of our lives. For many years, Bronnie Ware – an Australian nurse and counselor – worked in palliative care; taking care of terminally ill people, most of whom had [...]

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Meet Elon Musk, The Serial Entrepreneur Who Wants To Build A City on Mars

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, and now a US citizen, Elon Musk is one of the most visionary entrepreneurs alive in the world today. The most special thing about Elon Musk is his daredevil appetite for risk. At 45, Musk is responsible for several multi-billion dollar companies including PayPal (sold), Tesla Motors, SolarCity, Zip2, SpaceX, [...]

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The Best of 2016 – My Top 12 Articles That Got Your Attention

Looking at 2016 through the lens of my writing career, it was quite an impressive year indeed. In May, my article on Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Lagos (Nigeria) for the launch of his controversial free internet program – Free Basics – was published in The Huffington Post. In June, following my article chronicling my journey [...]

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This Kenyan Entrepreneur Makes Natural Blended Spices for the Local Market

Chibundiro is a brand of natural blended spices in Kenya. This range of natural spices is an interesting alternative to the large volumes of artificial seasoning that has flooded the African market. The brain behind this business is Anzazi Kiti, a professional accountant who still works a day job and runs her business, Taste Afrique [...]

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