Want your kids to grow up to be successful? Make them do chores. When they balk, you can tell them that scientific research supports you. 🙂

In the Harvard Grant Study, the longest running longitudinal study in history, (spanning 75 years and counting — from 1938 to the present), researchers identified two things that people need in order to be happy and successful in life:

The first? Love.

The second? Work ethic.

And what’s the best way to develop work ethic in young people?

A roll-up-your-sleeves- and-pitch-in mindset; a mindset that says, “there’s some unpleasant work and someone’s got to do it, it might as well be me.”

According to this article: “Sometimes, even if you could do a job perfectly, you have to let someone else do it just-barely-passably, if you want the other person learn from the experience. It’s the same principle whether we’re talking about U.S. soldiers training the Iraqi Army, or parents letting their kids empty the dishwasher.”

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