In a previous article, “When Will Africa Export its own Wines?“, we revealed five of the most promising beverage drinks across the continent with the greatest potentials for export markets.

Leopold Lema is a remarkable entrepreneur and CEO of Mwanza Quality Wines in Tanzania. He has found a way to produce high quality and affordable sparkling wines from bananas and pineapples, two fruits which are locally abundant in East Africa, but often wasted after harvests due to inadequate storage facilities.

Leopold’s banana and pineapple wines are sold under brand names like ‘Power’ and have attracted a loyal consumer base in the country.

It shouldn’t be long before he starts to export beyond the East Africa region.

Listen to him as he tells the story of his remarkable entrepreneurial success. I’m sure his success story will leave you richly inspired.

What are the most popular and abundant fruits in your area?

Can you successfully copy Leopold’s concept and make it work in your environment?