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By 2030, more than 400 million Africans will need jobs.

Governments alone cannot provide these jobs. That’s why unemployment is a huge burden and a major threat to the future of our continent.

To avert a future of desperation, crime and violence, there is an urgent need to create jobs that will eradicate poverty, improve the quality of people’s lives, and bring economic prosperity to Africa.

But jobs don’t just exist. People create them.

That’s why entrepreneurs are special people.

We believe the best way to transform Africa is to nurture and unleash an army of entrepreneurs on the continent.

Africa is a continent overwhelmed by serious problems, ranging from hunger and illiteracy, to inadequate housing and erratic electricity.

While most people are ashamed of and frustrated by these problems, we need people who are excited by Africa’s problems because they know solving these problems will unlock massive streams of wealth, jobs, and opportunities on the continent.

Entrepreneurs are creative thinkers and efficient problem-solvers. They are skillful and relentless at taking on challenges. And they know how to thrive in the face of adversity and limited resources.

These are exactly the kind of people who can transform the continent and lead Africans to a bright and prosperous future.

We believe entrepreneurship can be learned.

Yes, like most skills, entrepreneurship can be learned.

And our mission at Smallstarter is to provide you with the information, inspiration, tools, guidance and resources you need to start, grow and succeed in business.

All you need is a big dream and a burning hunger for learning, action, and change.

Let’s go, Africa!

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The Smallstarter Manifesto

The power to change the future is in our hands. Successful entrepreneurs know this. That’s why they think and act differently.

The Smallstarter Manifesto is a collection of pledges that will help you to start thinking differently and ultimately become the successful person you deserve to be.

Ready? Read the pledges…

As a Smallstarter, I resolve today and onwards to be responsible for my future, to take my destiny into my own hands and work towards its realization. I hold no person, government or institution, whether physical or spiritual, accountable for my financial future. Henceforth, I shall not waste my energy on negativity, criticism, blame or idle talk. I choose to think this way because I can.

As a Smallstarter, I shall actively pursue and create opportunities within my environment and outside it. I choose to see possibilities in every bad and challenging situation. I choose to see the potential for profit in every problem. I choose to think of solutions rather than whine about the difficulties. I choose to make the very best out of everything life gives me. I choose to think this way because I can.

As a Smallstarter, I believe in the natural law of little steps. I believe that tiny drops of water can make an ocean, and my small efforts today will lead to big successes tomorrow. I believe that with hardwork, persistence and zeal, success will always be sure in the end. I accept that good success is earned and will often require time and nurture. I totally reject and declare myself immune to the get-rich-quick syndrome that has afflicted many of our people. I choose to believe these things because I can.

As a Smallstarter, I believe in the infiniteness of opportunity. I believe that there is an endless supply of business ideas as there is an abundance of resources in Africa. I believe there are business ideas everywhere I look, feel, live and interact. I believe there is an abundance of wealth behind all the broken roads, hunger, unemployment and homelessness in Africa. I believe that by solving these problems, wealth will naturally flow to me as satisfaction and relief flows to the people my ideas and businesses will help. I choose to believe these things because I can.

As a Smallstarter, I choose to embrace the dignity that comes from smart labour. I believe it is much easier to create wealth than to steal it. I believe I am smart enough to create opportunities for myself and for others, rather than steal from them. I choose to enrich the commonwealth rather than plunder it. I shall channel my greed and ambition to solving problems and providing enormous value to others while enriching my purse. I believe every dollar I spend should be one I have earned. I choose to believe these things because I can.
As a Smallstarter, I choose to improve myself through my successes and failures. I shall actively seek knowledge and will continue to learn for the rest of my active years on earth. I shall use the knowledge and skills I have learned to boost my successes and enrich the lives of people around me. I believe the best form of learning is self-sought and not one endowed by a paper certificate. I resolve to be smart by my choice and not by my circumstances. I choose to do these things because I can.

Meet The Founder

John-Paul Iwuoha
John-Paul IwuohaFounder, Smallstarter Africa

Hi there,

I’m glad to have you on Smallstarter!

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this unique generation of Africans. In our lifetime, Africa will rewrite its history and its abundant business opportunities will create more millionaires than in any century before this one.

While the pessimists see poverty, conflict and broken infrastructure, Africa’s growing army of young, hardworking and relentless entrepreneurs is building, fixing and healing Africa.

With little capital and poor government support, these entrepreneurs defy the odds everyday as they build remarkable businesses and create value in agriculture, green energy, entertainment, waste recycling, fashioneducation and several other industries.

My life’s mission is to work with these entrepreneurs and the investors, institutions and initiatives that support them.

I am an author, impact entrepreneur, and business strategist who works with entrepreneurs and investors to start up and grow businesses in Africa.

My work and articles have been featured on several local and international media, including CNN, The Huffington Post, The Africa Perspective Magazine, Business Day and LinkedIn Pulse, among others.

I’m also the co-author of the widely-acclaimed book, 101 Ways To Make Money in Africa, which reveals several lucrative business opportunities in Africa and several inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs who are doing great things on our continent.

In 2016, I developed the Capital Attraction Secrets Course — a free online course that has attracted thousands of entrepreneurs from across the world. The course has helped to demystify the art and science of successfully raising capital to start and grow a business in Africa, and beyond.

Before my journey with Smallstarter, I was an Associate Business Consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and worked in a business development role for several years in the professional services industry.

Along the way, I have started several businesses that failed. I’m proud of, and grateful for, these failures because of the remarkable experience and hard lessons they taught me. I continue to benefit from these lessons as I build new income streams, and work with clients to do the same.

I finally broke free from the corporate ‘cage’ to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams and contribute my skills to the transformation of Africa, while helping others willing to do the same.

When I’m not working, I love to ‘chill’ with my wife and son. I love nature, art, history and travel. I’m also a huge fan of Africa (I’m sure you can already tell by now.) 🙂

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to use the Twitter, LinkedIn or Email buttons below.

Thanks again for stopping by.


John-Paul Iwuoha
Lagos, Nigeria