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Oluwadamilola Ojomo, known to her friends as "Damy", is a Chartered Accountant (ACCA) and Certified Information System Auditor. Her experience spans the private and public sectors, in banking, audit, consulting and regulation. She helped run her family’s micro business as a teenager. She is very passionate about unlocking the growth potential of small businesses. She is Nigerian and you should connect with her on LinkedIn. She loves good music and enjoys listening to original African tunes on the Coke Studio Africa show.
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Most businesses fail because they don’t have a soul. Here’s what I mean…

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“Find yourself, and be that.” – Anonymous. A recipe for success in any aspect of life, regardless of industry, culture, continent, religion, race or color, is finding the most authentic version of yourself and expressing it. Look closely at the most successful people in different areas of life and you’ll find a common thread that [...]

4 Interesting Ways To Improve Your Business In A Down Economy

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The past two years have been tough for some of Africa’s biggest economies. Nigeria, South Africa and Angola, among others, have been hit with varying degrees of economic challenges, and have struggled to limp out of recessions. Times have been really hard for both small and big businesses. Hard economic times affect customer demand, which [...]