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John-Paul Iwuoha is a business transformation specialist and founder of Smallstarter. Through his signature training courses and private programs, he has worked with hundreds of African entrepreneurs and business owners to overcome serious challenges with starting, growing, or turning around their businesses. His work and opinions have been featured in several local and international media, including CNN, Business Day, and The Huffington Post. He was named by LinkedIn as one of the Top Global Voices on Startups & Entrepreneurship. Click here to learn more about his signature programs.
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SBP 042: How To Handle Rejections As An Entrepreneur

By |2021-01-29T14:58:04+01:00January 29th, 2021|Listen to the Podcasts|

Human beings don't handle rejection very well. For most people, rejection is emotional. We feel insulted, angry, and heartbroken when other people push us aside like we don't matter. But when it comes to business, rejection can be a huge blessing in disguise. And every smart entrepreneur understands this. You will often face rejection when [...]

SBP 040: Should You Give Away Free Samples of Your Product?

By |2021-01-15T11:56:55+01:00January 15th, 2021|Listen to the Podcasts|

Email is free. How come? If you’re reading this, it’s likely you don’t pay a dime to Google or Yahoo for mail services. Yet, both are multi-billion-dollar companies. If you watch YouTube, it’s free. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, that’s free too. If you backup your photos and files online, [...]

SBP 041: How To Use The Right Message To Sell Anything

By |2021-01-22T12:59:44+01:00January 8th, 2021|Listen to the Podcasts|

Nobody can read your mind. That’s why what you say, and how you say it, matters. This is especially true when you’re trying to communicate your ideas or trying to convince someone. Sometimes, it’s what you say and how you say it that makes a customer buy your product. Sometimes, it’s what you say that [...]

SBP 038: The Amazing Power of Doing Small Things in Business

By |2021-01-22T13:28:06+01:00January 1st, 2021|Listen to the Podcasts|

Happy New Year! I’m very grateful for the gift of a brand new year. If anything, last year reminded me that life, good health, and family are the most important assets any human can have. As you prepare for 2021, I’d love to share an important lesson with you. And I need you to pay [...]

SBP 037: Why Are You An Entrepreneur?

By |2020-12-18T12:54:31+01:00December 18th, 2020|Listen to the Podcasts|

How can you tell if someone is a real friend? How can you really tell if you love someone, or something? There is only one way to find out: You have to test it. Friendships have to be tested to prove their worth. You will only know your real friends when you are low and [...]

SBP 035: How Smart Entrepreneurs Plan for A New Year (Part 1)

By |2020-12-04T09:49:51+01:00December 4th, 2020|Listen to the Podcasts|

Every new year comes with great expectations. We want to do better than we did this year, and be better than we were this year. That’s why every smart entrepreneur I know consciously plans for the new year. Planning makes you better prepared for opportunities and challenges. Planning is a tool used by serious people. [...]

SBP 034: Interview conversations about my life, career, and opinions

By |2020-11-27T16:28:37+01:00November 27th, 2020|Listen to the Podcasts|

In this exciting episode of the podcast, I get interviewed by Tim Noxsinz of the Timitude Podcast. In this episode, I explore several topics that range from my personal career choice and the factors that influenced me into entrepreneurship.  I also talk about my move from engineering into business and finance, and then into full-time [...]

SBP 033: 5 Interesting Business Opportunities in Africa in 2021

By |2020-11-20T11:31:31+01:00November 20th, 2020|Listen to the Podcasts|

I have a quick question for you. Here it is: How are you planning for next year? In my experience working with entrepreneurs, I’ve realized there are two types of people in this world. There are proactive people. And there are reactive people. How people approach a new year can tell you a lot about [...]

SBP 032: 7 Important Risks To Consider In Every Business

By |2020-11-13T13:10:20+01:00November 13th, 2020|Listen to the Podcasts|

Business is all about risk. That’s what makes us entrepreneurs. People who have a low tolerance for risk choose a stable and predictable income. It’s called a salary. It always comes in at the end of the month. And that’s why most people prefer it. But if you choose to build a business, you’re taking [...]