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JACKPOT: Top Secrets & Strategies for Raising Business Funding

We now live in an age of immense financial possibilities. Every year, billions of dollars are funneled into all types and sizes of businesses around the world by both formal and informal investors.

Still, every year, thousands of brilliant business ideas, promising startups, and growing businesses die because they can’t raise enough funding to survive. Many of these businesses don’t die from a funding gap. They actually die due to an information gap.

The reality is, many entrepreneurs don’t fully understand how the world of finance actually works, the range of funding options available to small and mid-sized businesses, and how to follow the proven and painstaking process that increases the chances of attracting funding in today’s world.

This book is full of insights, tips and real-life examples. It’s written not just for entrepreneurs, but for innovators, inventors, change champions, project developers, community builders, activists and anybody who needs to raise funds to transform their ideas, dreams and passions into a thriving business, project or cause.

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101 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN AFRICA: Business Opportunities & Success Stories

With 4+ star ratings on both Amazon and Goodreads, and read by hundreds of people in over 60 countries across the world, 101 Ways To Make Money in Africa is one of the most detailed compilations of business opportunities, on-the-ground facts, market intelligence, tips and advice for anyone who’s looking to start a business or invest in Africa.

Co-authored by John-Paul and Dr. Harnet Bokrezion, this book is an exposé on the latent and unexplored business and investment potential in Africa that the media doesn’t talk enough about. This book will open your eyes to dozens of interesting, practical, and lucrative business opportunities opening up across the African continent.

If you’re looking for a rich source of big and small business ideas that work in Africa, this is the book you’ve been looking for! The book also shares several inspiring and interesting success stories of entrepreneurs, investors and business people who have nailed it in Africa. Their experiences will teach, inspire and spark your imagination!

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