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Here are some of the most interesting business ideas in Africa’s vast Agribusiness and Food industry

Why aren’t snails eaten in East Africa? Meet Rosemary, Kenya’s ONLY Snail Farmer!

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Rosemary Odinga is arguably the only entrepreneur who's actively involved in snail farming in Kenya. Unlike in West Africa where snails are heavily consumed as a delicacy, East Africans aren't big fans of snail meat. Rosemary discovered the business opportunity in snail farming after a visit to Nigeria. She started her snail farm nearly 8 [...]

Liquid gold: How this entrepreneur makes money from rabbit urine

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Rabbit farming is catching on across Africa for several reasons. Unlike other livestock, rabbits are not resource intensive animals and their meat is considered lean (low fat) and very healthy. Carolyne Chebet is a Kenyan entrepreneur who farms rabbits not just for their meat, but for their urine -- which is a rich raw material [...]

Meet the urban farmer who plants and harvests vegetables from vertical sacks

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As more Africans move to urban areas, finding space for agribusiness in most cities in a tough challenge. But what if you don't need a lot of space to farm? What if you could plant crops (like vegetables) in sacks? Well, it appears this is not a pipe dream. Some urban farmers in Kenya have pulled [...]

Chameleon farming in Kenya – This exotic business will literally blow your mind!

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Across the world, chameleons mean different things to different people. Some consider this strange reptile to be a bad omen. Some other people think it's poisonous. But there are others who absolutely love them and covet them as beautiful, unique and exotic pets. And these chameleon lovers will pay top dollar to own one. And [...]

Tomato Millionaires In The Making: How These 4 Smart Entrepreneurs Are Making Money from Africa’s Tomato Problems

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Photo credit: Africa has a serious tomato problem. Tomatoes are Africa’s most consumed fruit (or vegetable); eaten by millions of people across our continent’s diverse religious, ethnic and social groups. Both in its raw and processed forms, tomatoes are central to most African diets and remain a regular ingredient in many soups, stews, sauces [...]

Fish Farming in Cages – An interesting and lucrative concept from Kenya

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When you think about cages on a farm, chickens, rabbits and a few animals come to mind. Definitely not fish! In Kenya, some fish farmers have developed an interesting concept of farming fish in cages. These cages, which are made of local materials like wood and wire mesh, can house several hundred fish at a [...]

The Business of Coffee in Africa: How These 5 Smart Entrepreneurs Are Making Money from Specialty African Coffee

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Photo credit: Over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every day. It’s no surprise that coffee is aptly described as ‘the favourite drink of the civilized world.’ Every year, roughly 140 million bags of coffee beans - worth over $16 billion - are traded globally. This makes coffee one of [...]

Why Africa is Poor: These Are The Top 3 Grains That Empty Africa’s Pockets Every Year

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Photo credit: World Food Program, USA Have you really ever wondered why Africa is poor? I mean, does it really make any sense that a continent as abundantly endowed as ours cannot feed itself? With roughly 50 percent of the world’s uncultivated land, abundantly fertile soils, favourable climate and all-year-round sunshine, Africa still imports more [...]

Good African Coffee: Meet The Ugandan Coffee Brand That’s Going Global!

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Good African Coffee is a home-grown coffee brand that's causing quite a stir on the international coffee market. Did you know that Uganda is Africa's second-biggest exporter of coffee beans, and currently produces more than 3 million bags per year? Yet, instead of being refined locally, the vast majority of the country's raw beans have [...]

Fresh Milk Everywhere! Meet Tanga Fresh, the Successful Dairy Business in Tanzania

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Africa is often described as a continent where cows are abundant but milk is scarce. In Tanzania, like many parts of Africa, fresh milk is not widely available because of small sale farming, hot weather and bad infrastructure. Tanga Fresh is one of the major producers of fresh daily products in Tanzania. This company which [...]