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Here are some of the most interesting business ideas in Africa’s vast Entertainment and Leisure market

How The Sports Betting Business is Taking Over Africa, And A Few Interesting Facts You Should Know

Africa is crazy about sports, especially football (soccer). But while you hang out with your friends on a cool Saturday evening to enjoy a high-energy football match by your favourite team, there’s something big happening around you that you just don’t realize. Sports is no longer just about entertainment in Africa. It’s also about making [...]

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Meet Momppy Mpoppy, The African Doll Brand from South Africa and the Entrepreneur behind it

The market for childrens' toys and dolls is worth millions of dollars in Africa. With the highest fertility rates in the world, and the globe's youngest population, the market for children's playthings in Africa is definitely on a growth path. In South Africa, one smart entrepreneur is carving an interesting niche in the 'African doll' [...]

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The booming African movie market – How to exploit opportunities in our continent’s next goldmine.

The African movies business is hot cakes right now. You'll gain some interesting insights from this article. Nollywood, Africa’s most popular movie industry with roots in Nigeria, is now worth more than US$ 800 million. It has grown very rapidly in the last two decades to become the second largest film industry in the world [...]

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Bars and Night clubs – How to profit from Africa’s appetite for relaxation and partying

Bars and night clubs in Africa are a significant business opportunity. Across the world, bars and night clubs are symbolic features of every city’s social life. With one of the world’s fastest rising urbanization rates, Africa’s cities are becoming hotspots for single professionals, young adults, tourists, and business travelers who want to connect and have [...]

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Alison Ngibuini – Paid employment should never take the place of your real passion

Alison Ngibuini gave up her job with an advertising agency to pursue a passion in producing Kenyan-made soap operas. She was getting increasingly disturbed by the huge number of Nigerian, Mexican and other foreign dramas dominating the Kenyan scene and decided to pursue an opportunity in producing Kenyan programmes for the local audience. Using money [...]

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Iroko TV – How this internet business makes millions by bringing African movies to the world

Iroko TV has been aptly been described as the 'Netflix of Africa'.  Iroko's co-founder, Jason Njoku, got to realize how popular African movies had become while living in faraway London. Despite the growing worldwide demand for these movies, he could hardly find them on the internet. His decision to jump on a plane to Nigeria [...]