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Here are some of the most interesting business ideas in Africa’s vast Health and Wellness market

Meet the entrepreneur behind West Africa’s first indigenous air ambulance service

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Sponsored post What do you do when you need something so badly that it costs you the life of a loved one? Most people groan, complain and blame the government. But entrepreneurs look for ways to fix the problem. That's exactly what this inspiring young entrepreneur did about 10 years ago. Nigeria's Ola Orekunrin Brown, [...]

Meet the inspiring Kenyan entrepreneur building an empire in the healthcare market

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Sponsored post Africa is abundantly "blessed" with problems that disguise huge and remarkable business opportunities. Healthcare in Africa is one of such problems. With poorly funded and ineffective public hospitals, and a significant brain drain of African doctors to the West, it's easy to write off the continent's healthcare market. Africa has 11 percent of [...]

Meet the Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity To Fight Diseases In Africa

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(photo credit: Africa’s problems are a multi-billion dollar opportunity. It’s no surprise the new generation of successful entrepreneurs on the continent are problem solvers. I have found that the bigger the problems you can crack in Africa, the bigger the payoff. Entrepreneurs across the continent are hard at work to combat hunger, unemployment, inadequate [...]

The Big Spenders: How to Corner Africa’s Billion Dollar Medical Tourism Market

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Every year, thousands of Africans travel to the Middle East and Asia for medical treatment. Two years ago, my mom was one of over 18,000 Nigerians who were issued visas to travel to India for medical purposes; in her case, for a knee replacement surgery. This practice of travelling outside one’s country for medical care [...]

The Fitness And Weight Loss Business In Africa – How To Exploit This Interesting Industry That Is Set To Explode!

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Last month, a new gym opened in my neigbourhood. I always have my antennas up for interesting business ideas and this one surely caught my attention. The entrepreneur behind this new gym must have discovered a significant potential for the gym business in my neighborhood. In fact, I’m not surprised. Every morning and evening, it’s [...]

Emmanuel Katongole – The drug maker who exploited an obvious market opportunity

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In 1997, Emmanuel Katongole identified a gap in the medicine supply market in his country as the government started to hands off the pharmaceuticals industry to focus more on healthcare delivery. In the absence of the government’s involvement, the Ugandan market was becoming dominated by imported medicines from India and China. Emmanuel made a very [...]