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Here are some of the most interesting business ideas in Africa’s vast Home & Personal Services market

How This South African Entrepreneur Started a Small Laundry Business That Has Taken Off!

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Access and availability of running water and stable electricity supply are major problems for residents of Khayelitsha, one of the largest townships in Cape Town, South Africa. Sivu Mongo is the entrepreneur behind Ziyahlanjwa, a laundry services business that serves residents of this township with washed and ironed laundry. She noticed a lucrative gap in [...]

Is Africa Still Rising? Yes. Actually, We’re Just Getting Started!

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On 13th May 2000, The Economist magazine ran a front cover that notoriously labeled Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent’. In its eyes, Africa was a forsaken place -- ravaged by war, famine and disease. Just a decade later, the tune had changed. In 2011 and 2012 respectively, The Economist and Time magazine released editions with resplendent displays of the ‘Africa Rising’ [...]

How Private Security Businesses Are Booming in Africa, And An Inspiring Success Story From Zimbabwe

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Photo credit: diamondforcesecurity.co.za These days, you see them everywhere. Clad in uniforms of various colours and designs, private security guards are a common sight at banks, company premises, gated residential estates, foreign embassies, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, churches, mosques and private schools. Many of them wield batons, body scanners and sometimes, fiery guard dogs. Depending [...]

Pet Love in Africa: How the Business of Pets is making money and expanding across Africa

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My brother – the lawyer – owns two impressive dogs; Feddie and Cross. Feddie, the playful one, is a pure breed Boerboel, one of the best known dog breeds from South Africa. Cross, the tough guy, is a fierce sight to behold. It’s not surprising because he’s a Rottweiler, a German dog breed that is [...]

The Business of Death: 4 Niche Businesses That Make Money When People Die in Africa

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The truth is, we don’t like to think or talk about death. Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality we have to live with. All of us will die someday. That’s just how the world works. Like most of us who are alive and reading this right now, dead people have needs too. From the time a [...]

The Inspiring Story of Annette, the Supermum Entrepreneur from Uganda

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Annette is a single mother of two, and versatile entrepreneur, who has defied the odds to achieve amazing success in businesses that are traditionally associated with men. Annette wakes every day at 2am to start her first business of the day. She sells well-packaged spiced tea at major spots in Kampala, the Ugandan capital. In [...]

How To Make Money From The Leasing Business in Africa, and The Top 5 Most Leased Items on the Continent.

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The leasing business in Africa is a promising opportunity with strong prospects on the continent. I have a friend who owns a small but successful construction company. He has completed several real estate and civil construction projects including roads, family homes and office blocks. I had an interesting chat with him the other day and [...]

The Nanny Problems In Africa: A Lucrative Business Opportunity Waiting To Be Exploited?

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Entrepreneurship is about solving real problems that people face in their lives. The more difficult the problems you can solve, the greater the rewards you’ll get from the market. Africa’s nanny problem is one of those huge problems that parents across the continent are desperate to solve. Nannies take care of children and provide this [...]

Professional Cleaning Services – How You Can Start A Lucrative Business From Cleaning Homes, Offices and More…

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Most people don’t want to spend their time doing boring work. It’s an interesting trend that’s catching on across Africa, especially with people who have busy lives in the urban areas. Nowadays, fewer people want to do their laundry, wash their cars or clean their own homes. In fact, they’re willing to pay somebody else [...]

Ice Block Production – A Simple but Profitable Small Business That Makes Cool Profits in Africa

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Don't know how to start an ice block production business? You're about to learn a lot of interesting stuff! In the ever busy and crowded streets, roads and markets of West Africa, millions of people go about their daily business – business people, traders, office workers and school children. In the midst of all the hustle [...]