Here are some of the most interesting business ideas and opportunities in Africa’s vast Internet market

These are the biggest players in Africa’s fast-growing e-Commerce market

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Sponsored content Created using Visme. An easy-to-use Infographic Maker. After scouring the store for a new pair of sneakers, Paballo Molahlehi finally lands on the one that catches her attention. She stares at it excitedly, swooning over the fresh pair of purple Reeboks. “It’s precisely the one I was looking for, I knew I was [...]

Meet The Brilliant Minds Behind LinkdPro, Africa’s First Online MarketPlace for Elite Business Consultants

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Africa’s most valuable resource is its human capital. Our continent has an impressive class of highly skilled and experienced professionals; educated at the world’s elite business schools, and have worked for some of the world’s most successful companies. But there’s a big problem: Most of Africa’s best and brightest minds are not on the continent. [...]

Amazing! Meet Skits, The Made-in-Africa App That Pays You for Being Social

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Every day, millions of people around the world jump on social media to share content, catch up with friends and have fun. But for all the free and engaging content we create on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, how many of us actually get paid for our work? That’s right. None! And this is why I’m [...]

Work From Your Bedroom – How Africans Can Copy the Miracle of Asia’s Booming Services Industry

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You're about to find out some interesting and totally legal ways to make money online, from home. But first, some background... High unemployment and limited opportunities are two of the biggest problems facing young people in developing countries. While millions of young Africans complain of, and suffer from biting unemployment, a growing number of our counterparts [...]

Micro Stock Photos – How to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time by Taking Photographs

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Do you know how to make money from microstock photography? You're about to find out. Using your passions, hobbies and natural abilities to earn some extra income is one of the strategies we covered in our popular article: 3+ Guaranteed Ways to Find Profitable Business Ideas. The business idea I will share with you in [...]

How to Start Your Own Small Importation Business. It is Cheaper and Easier than you think!

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Want to know how to start a small scale importation business in Africa? This article is packed full with valuable information for you! The world is indeed becoming a smaller place. Who would have thought that ordinary people like you and I (who do not have a fat bank account) can now import goods directly [...]

The Jobberman story – how three ambitious Africans are solving unemployment problems on the continent

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How did a small business started by three university grads revolutionize the recruitment industry in Nigeria? This is the Jobberman success story... With millions of able-bodied Africans without jobs, unemployment is by far our continent’s biggest problem after poverty. Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country, adds nearly two million new job seekers every year to its already [...]

Become a YouTubepreneur! How more Africans can make money online from YouTube videos

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Wondering how to make money from YouTube? You'll learn some interesting stuff in this article. As many of you reading this may already know, YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular video sharing website. More than 100 hours of video content are uploaded to the website every minute! At the moment (August 2013), YouTube [...]

Write and Get Paid! How you can make up to $1,000 monthly as a freelance blogger and ghost writer

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Wondering how to make money online from writing? This article will fill you in on the nitty-gritty. The internet has significantly increased our access to, and appetite for, information. Every second, millions of people around the world are searching online for news, tips, guidance, how-to stuff, entertainment, gossip and all kinds of information. Many blog [...]

12+ eye-popping reasons why smart Africans should start an online business NOW!

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This article reveals twelve interesting reasons to start an online business in Africa. Online is surely the way to go for smart Africans. Just to be very clear, an internet (or online) business creates value for people and is beneficial to everyone. It's totally a legit business opportunity that doesn't involve clever tactics to steal money from [...]