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4 Quick and Insightful Tips For Starting Your Own Clothing Line or Fashion Business

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The clothing business is one of the most interesting and biggest emerging markets in Africa. With a population of over 1 billion people, and is expected to reach 2.2 billion by 2050, the growth of Africa's clothing and fashion industry will be a joy to watch over the coming years. Right now, a chunk of [...]

Meet The Brilliant Minds Behind LinkdPro, Africa’s First Online MarketPlace for Elite Business Consultants

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Africa’s most valuable resource is its human capital. Our continent has an impressive class of highly skilled and experienced professionals; educated at the world’s elite business schools, and have worked for some of the world’s most successful companies. But there’s a big problem: Most of Africa’s best and brightest minds are not on the continent. [...]

He Grew 400 Dollars Into 200 Million. Now, He Wants To Do It Again. This Time, In Africa!

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In the 1980s, he was a successful trader on Wall Street, specializing in futures and equities trading. He was living the good life, until he found himself spiraling into a destructive alcohol addiction that ended his stellar career and left him broke. After six years of sobriety, he was ready to start again. He left [...]

Meet the Entrepreneurs in Rwanda Who Make Nappies and Sanitary Towels from Banana Trees!

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In many parts of Africa, especially in West, Central and East Africa, bananas are widely eaten and have significant cultural and medicinal values. Bananas are one of the most abundant, valuable and adaptable tropical fruits in Africa. In fact, countries like Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda consume up to 45 kilograms per person per year; the [...]

Wonderful! Meet the cooking stove that runs 100 percent on Solar Energy

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Fire Solutions, a small business in South Africa and its technical partners, GoSol of Finland have created an amazing prototype of a solar cooking stove that generates a tremendous amount of heat from the sun to cook, bake and heat food. Many parts of Africa enjoy more than 300 days of free and abundant sunlight. [...]

10 Extreme African Business Opportunities – Are You Brave Enough?

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If you are bored with the many articles that suggest rearing chicken, investing in real estate, or developing the next app is the way to go to make a healthy profit in Africa, today’s 10 extreme African business opportunities are certainly less conventional. They are led by pioneers who stepped into rare African business niches with little competition, and [...]

Last week, I was featured on CNN! Here’s the full story, and the Video too…

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Over the last few weeks, CNN Money released a string of featured stories as part of its documentary series on Nigeria, titled: ‘Nigeria: An Economy Divided’ Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is in the spotlight for 'good' reason. My country’s economy is on the brink of a recession, largely due to the slump in global crude [...]

Inspiring Innovation — How this 13-year old invented a solution to protect livestock from lions

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Cattle is central to the economy and livelihoods of the Maasai, but constant attacks on their livestock by lions from the nearby Nairobi National Park in Kenya remains a recurring problem that has defied solutions for a long time. Richard Turere is a 13-year-old Maasai boy who looks after his father's cattle and has experienced [...]

The Big Spenders: How to Corner Africa’s Billion Dollar Medical Tourism Market

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Every year, thousands of Africans travel to the Middle East and Asia for medical treatment. Two years ago, my mom was one of over 18,000 Nigerians who were issued visas to travel to India for medical purposes; in her case, for a knee replacement surgery. This practice of travelling outside one’s country for medical care [...]

Micro-insurance for small farmers — This amazing idea is changing lives for farmers in East Africa (Must Watch!)

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In 1984, there was a terrible drought in Kenya that led to very poor harvests that made life miserable for many farmers in the country. Drought is a sad reality in many parts of Africa. Farmers may plant seeds and put in all the hard work, but if it doesn't rain enough, they could lose [...]