Transport and Logistics

Here are some of the most interesting business ideas and opportunities in Africa’s vast Transport and Logistics market

This Interesting Technology Could Replace All The Bad Roads in Africa

(photo credit: Realm Africa Safaris) In many parts of Africa, 85% of roads are unusable during the wet season. And even at the current level of investment to improve the continent's road infrastructure, estimates show it could take Africa up to 50 years to catch up with the developed world. Moving goods across distances is [...]

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Moving people around – 5 Profitable businesses you can start to solve Africa’s human transportation problems

Did you know the human transport business in Africa is worth billions of dollars? You should take your time to digest this article. Africans who do not own vehicles are finding it more and more difficult to move around town these days. The growing population of Africa’s cities and towns is creating a transportation demand [...]

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Automobiles – Lucrative opportunities you can exploit in Africa’s huge and rapidly growing vehicle market

The African automobile market is huge and growing bigger every year. The trade in new and used cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks is now a multi-billion dollar business on the continent. Nigeria alone spends up to $5 billion dollars every year importing vehicles (especially second-hand) from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Far bigger than [...]

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Trucking and Haulage: How to make money from Africa’s large and expanding transport market

Did you know that the trucking and haulage business is one of the promising business opportunities in Africa? Growing import volumes are a key sign of Africa’s rapidly expanding consumption. Every day, huge volumes of food items, industrial raw materials, refined petroleum products, heavy and light equipment, vehicles and consumer goods (electronics, clothes, home décor [...]

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