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If these entrepreneurs can build successful businesses in Africa, you can do it too!

After 10 years chasing the American Dream, this former refugee has built a beautiful African Dream

. Until he was 14, Henri Nyakarundi didn't know he was a refugee. His family had fled to Burundi following the growing tensions in Rwanda that eventually led to the ugly 1994 genocide. From an early age, Henri had always fantasized about living in the United States and chasing the American Dream. For him, the [...]

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11 Business Opportunities in Africa That Will Make More Millionaires in 2019

It feels odd to talk about business opportunities in Africa in 2019. It feels odd to talk about business opportunities in Africa in 2019. Over the last couple of years, Africa has been at the center of the global migration debate, particularly in Europe and North America. Thousands of Africans have been fleeing the continent. [...]

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101 Interesting Ways To Make Money in Africa – The Top Business Opportunities and Success Stories

. There is an abundance of amazing business opportunities in Africa. And the success stories you're about to read prove just how much these opportunities are worth. According to the IMF's recent World Economic Outlook, six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. And by 2050, the continent's economy could quadruple [...]

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Are you ready for the future? The revelations in this documentary will amaze you

  Right now, we live in uncertain times. While the world is making dramatic and exciting progress in science and technology, our civilization still faces significant and disturbing threats to its future. And there are several nagging questions: What will be the eventual outcome of the increasing gap between the rich and poor across the [...]

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Is this the solution to tribalism and ethnic hatred in Africa?

  I tend to think tribalism is much worse than racism. It's the single biggest weakness we, as Africans, are yet to fix. It's the reason Africa does not run on meritocracy, and has to endure incompetent leadership. And it's the big reason the continent cannot yet unite against anything -- corruption, poverty, deprivation, etc. [...]

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The confessions of an economic hitman (Must Watch)

  "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt." These are the words of John Adams, the second president of the United States of America. The strategy is simple: use the IMF and World Bank to give debt to countries that have an [...]

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Working on a dream? Struggling to build your business? You need to watch this.

  Life is hard, especially when you're struggling to build a business. Despite your investments of time, money, and effort, it can take a long time before you start to see results, and that's one of the biggest reasons many people quit. In today's digital age of "plug and play" most people quickly lose patience [...]

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Table manners for entrepreneurs — important tips and dining etiquette to always keep in mind

  There's quite a lot you can tell about a person from the way they behave at the table. And these days, many business meetings and deals happen around tables that have food or drinks served on them. That's why proper table manners and dining etiquette have become an important skill set for the modern [...]

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One of my best speeches of all time — The danger of a single story

  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the most promising young literary talents that Africa has produced in the last two decades. She is a fierce ambassador of the continent and whenever I listen to her, my pride in #Africa balloons to dizzying heights. Like I always say, Africa is a great "product" that suffers [...]

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What makes charismatic people more likely to succeed?

  Most successful people in business and leadership are often described as "charismatic". But what does charisma actually mean? How can we measure the level of charisma a person has? What does charisma look like? Studies show that most people, including kids as young as 5 years old, can tell from a person's face if [...]

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