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Meet the entrepreneur behind West Africa’s first indigenous air ambulance service

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Sponsored post What do you do when you need something so badly that it costs you the life of a loved one? Most people groan, complain and blame the government. But entrepreneurs look for ways to fix the problem. That's exactly what this inspiring young entrepreneur did about 10 years ago. Nigeria's Ola Orekunrin Brown, [...]

[Must Watch] How Africa can use its traditional knowledge to make progress

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  "A is for Apple." This is one of the first sentences every African child (in an Anglophone country) learns at school in early life. But how many children across Sub-Saharan Africa have actually seen a real apple? Not many. Apples are not native to Africa and they are very unlikely to feature in the [...]

Meet the inspiring Kenyan entrepreneur building an empire in the healthcare market

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Sponsored post Africa is abundantly "blessed" with problems that disguise huge and remarkable business opportunities. Healthcare in Africa is one of such problems. With poorly funded and ineffective public hospitals, and a significant brain drain of African doctors to the West, it's easy to write off the continent's healthcare market. Africa has 11 percent of [...]

The Top Business and Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

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Sponsored post The past year has been one of economic progress for Nigeria, with Africa’s largest economy managing to crawl back into growth territory in the second quarter of 2017. Often regarded as Africa’s sleeping giant, Nigeria has the potential to become one of the world’s most inspiring economic success stories given the size and [...]

How cassava beer in Mozambique has transformed a poor man’s crop into a cash crop

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Sponsored post Judging by its brown bottle packaging, Mozambique’s Impala beer looks just like any other beer on the market. Not until you have smelt it will you realise it has an unmistakably mysterious taste. Although it is brewed like a typical beer, Mozambique’s Impala Beer is made from cassava, a root vegetable that grows [...]

From Zambia to Harvard, and how she inspired her country’s first Robotics team

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Sponsored post Sela Kasepa attended her first semester at Harvard University in August last year. Just months prior, the 21-year-old was mulling over her education, uncertain of her future plans. That changed after watching a CNN insert featuring the first Pan African Robotics competition founded by Dr. Sidy Ndao. Kasepa was captivated. That same evening, [...]

Why Sustainability Makes Good Business Sense: Success stories from Africa

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Sponsored post You’ve likely heard of business “going green.” From installing solar panels on rooftops, utilising recycling bins, and switching off lights after hours, there are a number of ways both employers and employees can adjust their behaviour to operate in an environmentally responsible way. But that’s just one part of building a sustainable business. [...]

How to know your worth and get paid for it [Must Watch]

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Most people are paid far below what they're truly worth. And that's because nobody will ever pay you what you're worth. They will only pay you what they think you're worth. This can be hard to accept, but it's true. Anybody you deal with -- customers, clients, employers -- will only pay you what they think [...]

How Africa Could Become the Largest Free Trade Area in the World!

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Sponsored article Africa could soon be the largest free-trade area in the world. This is if the African Union’s Continental Free Trade Area (CTFA) stays on track to be operational by the end of this year. Once up and running, the continent-wide free trade zone could lead to a 52 percent ($35 billion) increase in [...]

Meet Lena Marshall, the entrepreneur opening the doors of international trade for African products

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Two of the biggest problems African producers face is access to the international market, and value addition to local produce. If more producers in Africa – like farmers, craftspeople, and manufacturers – had open access to foreign markets, they could get fairer prices for their products. And if we could add more value to our [...]