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How to Use the Amazing Power of Social Networking to Start Your Business – The Facebook Example (Part 1)

Want to know how to start your small business on Facebook? This detailed tutorial will really help. There are many talented and creative people I know who can make amazing stuff. Some of these people, who have now become successful entrepreneurs, include Bimbo, the Nigerian woman who turned her bead jewelry hobby into a thriving [...]

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How to Have Your Cake and Eat It! Five Businesses You Can Start and Still Keep Your Day Job

Want to know how to start a business and still keep your day job? You'll learn a few important tips from this article. Do you have a day job but silently dream of starting your own business? Many people who fall into this category either need some extra money to support their salaries or just [...]

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Sad But True – Five Reasons Why You May Never Start A Business in Your Lifetime

Five reasons why you may never start a business in your lifetime? Wondering what they are? You're about to find out! If you’re reading this article, it is likely you would love to be an entrepreneur (that is, if you aren’t one already). Don’t be shy; more than ninety percent of people you know would [...]

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Want To Make Money In Africa? Start by Solving Any of These 8 Serious Problems. Especially Number 5!

Want to know how to make money in Africa the 'easy' way? Solve a serious problem! When you look at Africa, what do you see? When most people look at Africa, there are two very strong but opposite images that emerge: Some see a continent that is full of problems – unemployment, disease, hunger and [...]

How to turn a penny into a million dollars – it sounds crazy but it always works!

How to make a million dollars from a penny? I think you'll find this article quite illuminating. But first, an interesting question: If I wanted to give you one million dollars or one penny ($0.01) today, which would you choose? A no-brainer right? Even a day-old baby would go for a million bucks! What if I [...]

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100 Free Sample Business Plan Templates for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Looking for free sample business plan templates? You'll find plenty here. For FREE! :) It's one thing to have brilliant business ideas or be keen to explore interesting business opportunities. But until you have a good business plan, you may never be taken seriously. The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have with writing a business plan [...]

What’s Your Plan? How to write a winning business plan and 3 reasons why you need one!

Want to know how to write a winning business plan? You've found the right article! Starting a business is a serious project that often requires huge investments of our time, effort and money. If you want to reduce the chances of failure and improve the odds of success, planning is a must! If nine out [...]

7 Simple but Highly Effective Ways to Find Profitable Business Ideas in Africa (with inspiring examples)

Looking for profitable business ideas in Africa? You're about to learn some really great stuff! Africa is the next big thing and the land of endless opportunities. It's no surprise that investors, multinational corporations and entrepreneurs from across the world are swarming to the continent, looking for a piece of the action. While there are guaranteed [...]

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EXPOSED! How to apply for a small business loan from your bank and get it approved!

How to get a small business loan from your bank? You're about to learn some interesting tips that will improve your chances. Across Africa, smart entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas find it hard, and often impossible, to get the small business loans they need to start up their dream businesses. ‘The banks are not lending’ [...]

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REVEALED! 10 guaranteed ways to raise the capital you need to start up and grow your small business

How to get capital to start your small business? You're about to find out ten interesting and highly effective options you can explore. If you ask ten random people why they haven’t turned their bright business idea into a real life business, eight of them will likely respond with the same answer: ‘I don’t have [...]

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