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Here are some of the most interesting business ideas and opportunities in Africa’s vast Real estate and Construction market

How To Make Money From The Leasing Business in Africa, and The Top 5 Most Leased Items on the Continent.

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The leasing business in Africa is a promising opportunity with strong prospects on the continent. I have a friend who owns a small but successful construction company. He has completed several real estate and civil construction projects including roads, family homes and office blocks. I had an interesting chat with him the other day and [...]

Furniture Making – An Interesting Business Idea and Two Inspiring Success Stories from Africa

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Interested in the furniture business. You're about to learn how to start a furniture business that is very likely to succeed in Africa. The furniture business continues to boom as the demand for home and office accommodation grows across Africa. When people move into a new home, they need a bed to sleep on, wardrobes [...]

The Hottest Property Market in the World – How to Invest and Make Money in Real Estate in Africa

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How to invest and make money in real estate in Africa? You're about to find out... Just like food, water and clothing, shelter is one of the most basic human needs everywhere in the world. It would be nearly impossible to survive on this earth without a roof over your head. Everybody needs a home [...]

Building and Construction materials – 9 Hot selling products that can make you money in Africa

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Ever wondered how big the building and construction materials business in Africa really is? You're about to find out. High building and construction activities are often signs of growing economies. When the economy looks good, the demand for residential, commercial and all kinds of real estate usually goes through the roof. Africa is home to [...]

Real Estate Agency – How to earn income by connecting people to homes and investments of their dreams

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The problem of housing in many African cities and the lure of lucrative real estate investment deals have created a multi-billion dollar real estate agency business in Africa. These agents and brokers are earning enviable incomes by helping people find the right homes and connecting investors to profitable real estate investment deals. Compared to the [...]