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How Kuueza is helping small African businesses penetrate foreign markets

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Sponsored post I would like to introduce you to 2 different people.  One is the retailer of African products in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. And the other is a medium-size business owner who is a sole distributor of various African prints, beads and handmade ladies bags in the popular Makola market Accra Ghana.  [...]

How SMEs in Africa can adapt and survive the disruptions of COVID-19

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Sponsored postThe impact of the Covid 19 pandemic is no doubt a big hit and unexpected blow to the global economy. Many superpowers are bleeding and for any economic recovery to happen businesses around must return to operation.With the 'new normal' of social distancing, limited contact with customers, and still more Covid-19 cases reported globally [...]

How to rent a free office and increase sales in Africa, the United States, and Canada

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Sponsored post As an SME, you want a ‘local office’ presence and access in any of the available markets.  You desire information about your product availability to consumers, you want information on opportunities available to your SME in any of the African countries, and you want verified regulatory information on local taxes, government levies, trade [...]

How can we get Africa to do more business with itself?

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Sponsored post According to Afreximbank's Africa Trade Report 2019, the European Union remains Africa’s main continental trading partner, accounting for 29.8 per cent of total trade on the African continent. Besides the EU bloc, China and India have consolidated their positions as Africa’s first and second single largest trading partners, accounting for over 21 per [...]

The dawn of a new dimension: including women by design

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This article was contributed by Beatrice Cornacchia, SVP Marketing and Communications (Middle East & Africa) at Mastercard. -------- As a marketer, I appreciate when creativity meets great insights and data to deliver an approach that achieves its objectives. As a woman, I also especially love seeing these kinds of successful activities share commentary on the [...]

How banking in a cashless society is inspiring African solutions to African problems

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Sponsored post African economies are well positioned to benefit from rapidly accelerating technological change if they can harness the current open landscape for innovation. East Africa is already a global leader in mobile payments, while mobile money accounts in sub-Saharan Africa are on an upward charge. Apart from being able to leapfrog the limitations and [...]

Have you heard of the UN Women’s Global HeforShe initiative to drive gender equality?

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Sponsored post Gender equality is a fundamental human right but remains a distant dream for many women worldwide.   The United Nations’ HeforShe is a solidarity campaign for the advancement of gender equality.  Its goal is to achieve equality by encouraging both genders to partake as agents of change and take action against negative stereotypes and behaviors, faced [...]

The Business of Silkworm farming: A Fibre-to-Fabric Success Story from Kenya

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Sponsored post Founded by three friends – Lucy, Cynthia and Christina – Tosheka Textiles is a social enterprise that was founded in a semi-arid county in South-Eastern Kenya, Makueni, in the town of Wote. Initially, the company was a Community Based Organization (CBO) that runs a fibre-to-fabric business model; it grew cotton and made handy [...]

The rise and rise of women leaders across Africa (Infographic)

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Sponsored post Across Africa, more bold and ambitious female leaders are working to shape the future of the continent, and they're inspiring other women to dare to do the same. Africa now has the highest rate of female entrepreneurship in the world. 26 percent of the continent's female population is engaged in early-stage entrepreneurship activity. [...]