Fish Farming in Cages – An interesting and lucrative concept from Kenya

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When you think about cages on a farm, chickens, rabbits and a few animals come to mind. Definitely not fish! In Kenya, some fish farmers have developed an interesting concept of farming fish in cages. These cages, which are made of local materials like wood and wire mesh, can house several hundred fish at a [...]

Want To Become A Very Successful Entrepreneur in Africa? You Need To Watch This!

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His name is Vusi Thembekwayo, and this TEDx Talk about entrepreneurship in Africa is about the best I have ever seen. Vusi Thembekwayo is a South African serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who featured as one of the investors in the famous South African edition of Dragon’s Den. He's also the Chairman of Watermark Afrika [...]

Shea Butter in Mali: A Lucrative Business Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs

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African shea butter is an incredibly amazing and versatile product. In Africa, shea butter is mainly used by women as a moisturizer for the skin, and is used in cooking too. It protects the skin against cold weather, UV-radiation, skin diseases and burns. In fact, a growing number of cosmetics companies in the USA and Europe now [...]

Amazing! How This Liberian Entrepreneur Turned $200 Into A Million Dollar Business

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He started his first business venture as a street vendor with capital of just $200, but two decades later Fomba Trawally has become one of Liberia's most prominent entrepreneurs. Like many in his country, Trawally fled Liberia in 1989 to escape the country's bloody civil war. He found refuge in The Gambia but in December 1991, [...]

How Entrepreneurs in Africa Are Creatively Solving Problems (You Should Watch This!)

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It's often said that 'adversity is the mother of invention'. It's true. In places like India, it's called 'jugaad' or in simple terms, 'frugal innovation'. It's the art and science of doing creating great stuff with limited resources. In this TED Talk, you'll see how entrepreneurs in Africa and other developing regions of the world (in [...]

How To Get More Customers: 3 Simple Steps To Get More People To Buy From You

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Attracting more customers is a big headache for many businesses. In this short video, you'll learn a very interesting method, often referred to as the 'K-L-T' method, that is sure to help you attract more people to buy from you. Want to know what 'K-L-T' means? Watch the video. You won't regret it. Enjoy!

Wow! Meet The Young South African Entrepreneur Who Invented DryBath

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What if there was a product you could rub on your body and totally skip a bath for a whole day? Is this even possible? Yes, it is. One young and absolutely inspiring entrepreneur in South Africa has already invented a lotion you can apply on your body and skip a bath for a whole [...]

Africa’s Most Successful Woman in the Brewery Business: Meet Tabitha Karanja

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Tabitha Karanja is a Kenyan entrepreneur who has ventured where few before her had dared, taking on a decades-long business monopoly to become a major player in her country's lucrative drinks industry. As the owner and brains behind the success of Keroche Breweries, Tabitha has paved the way for many other female entrepreneurs in Kenya, [...]

One of Africa’s Top Women Wine Entrepreneurs: Meet South Africa’s Ntsiki Biyela

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The South African wine industry has been dominated by white males since the 17th century. But this is changing. Currently, there are just over 20 young black winemakers in the sector. And Ntsiki Biyela is one of a few women among them. Ntsiki Biyela caught the attention of the world when she won the 'Woman [...]

Awesome! This Nigerian Entrepreneur Turned A Deadly Plant into a Thriving Business

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The water hyacinth may look like a harmless, even beautiful flowering plant — but it's actually an invasive aquatic weed, and an environmental hazard that can make life unbearable for people who depend on inland waterways. In parts of Nigeria, the water hyacinth clogs waterways, stopping trade, interrupting schooling and disrupting everyday life. In this inspiring [...]