How to Find Opportunities and Generate Good Business Ideas (Free Course)


About this Course

Looking for lucrative business ideas? This free course is a goldmine!

The minimum requirement for starting a business is an idea. The problem is, these days, almost everyone has a brilliant business idea. Still, many people don’t have the courage to act on their ideas. What if the idea doesn’t work and you lose all the energy, time and money you’ve invested in your dream?

After analysing hundreds of ideas behind successful companies around the world, this course breaks down the principles behind good and lucrative business ideas.

This course uses real-life success stories and common-sense logic to grab your attention, and your head will surely be spinning with high-quality business ideas before you finish the 5 lessons in the course. You’re going to love it!


What you’ll learn

  • The major consequences of bad business ideas
  • The 3 important qualities of a good business idea
  • 11 powerful strategies (idea engines) for generating lucrative and high-quality business ideas
  • The upsides and downsides of each strategy so you can make informed choices and decisions
  • The 4-step journey from idea to real-life business

Student comments

This has been an awesome exposition. This is more than an MBA

Tolorunleke Isaac

I really learned a lot. Grazie, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup!

AW Dali

Good, educative, and attractive lessons.

John Kakuni

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