The AfDB and its partners recently released the African Economic Outlook 2017 report, and it reveals some interesting facts about Africa’s economic performance in the last year.

Ready for a quick quiz? Let’s see how much you know…

Which are the only two African countries that export more than they import?

Which two countries on the continent have a combined GDP that is almost half the entire GDP of Africa?

Which is the fastest-growing economic region in Africa — West, East, North, Central, or South?

Which African country is the highest investor in other countries on the continent?

Which countries worldwide are the top 3 biggest investors in Africa? Tip: The US is in fourth place.

Furthermore, the AfDB report reveals that an increasingly higher proportion of FDI flows are targeting non-resource-rich countries and sectors.

“In 2013, the FDI-to-GDP ratio for non-resource-rich countries stood at 4.5%, twice the level of 2000. Meanwhile, the share of total FDI to resource-rich countries is gradually decreasing, sliding from 78% of total FDI flows in 2008 to an estimated 65% in 2013.”

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