Swimming can be a dreadful experience for people with high-volume hairstyles like dreads, braids, weaves and Afros.

Even with two swimming caps for extra protection, there’s still a high likelihood your hair would still get wet.

Most of the available swim caps on the African market are made by overseas manufacturers and often come with a hefty price tag.

Nomvuyo Treffers, a South African entrepreneur, decided to turn this nagging problem into profits. She has developed and released swimming caps that are best-suited for African hair.

Her product, Swimma Caps, is made with thick silicone material to prevent damage to natural hair, and maintain hairstyles that would otherwise be ruined by water.

But this product is actually bigger than swimming caps. It speaks to the larger and important issue of inclusion. As of late, there has been a strong global movement where people of colour have been demanding representation.

There is a strong global emergence of merchandise made to match the needs of people of colour. We’ve seen it with products like dolls, clothes, lingerie, band aids and hair accessories.

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