With 21 million residents and counting, Lagos is Africa’s largest city. With the massive demand for intra-city transport, it’s no surprise there are about 15 ride hailing apps jostling for a slice of this lucrative market.

At the top of the pile is Uber, the world’s most popular ride hailing app. But Uber’s ride in the Lagos market has hit a few bumps. Recently, its drivers staged a protest against the company’s poor commission structure.

Taxify is one of the interesting apps that’s giving Uber a run for its money in this market.

Created in Estonia, Taxify only entered the Lagos market in November, last year. While Uber takes a 20-25% commission, Taxify takes 15% — making it a stronger attraction for drivers looking for a bigger return on their time and investment.

As the population of Lagos continues to swell, and its international profile rises, the urban transportation business will surely be an interesting scene to watch.

Will Uber’s dominance across Africa increase, or will smaller players become more assertive? I think a more competitive market is in everybody’s best interests.

Only time will tell.

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