Despite the growing demand for power, and after billions of dollars spent in electricity infrastructure, power supply in Nigeria remains very unreliable.

However, the failure of the government in this critical industry is giving rise to several off-grid solar entrepreneurs who are creatively solving Nigeria’s nagging electricity problems.

Lumos is one of several solar businesses providing pay-as-you-go solar solutions for just about $0.50 per day. It recently partnered with MTN, Nigeria’s biggest telecom operator, and has installed nearly 40,000 systems in the country.

Lumos has also raised $90 million in investment to grow its service in Nigeria and expand to other African countries.

The penetration of off-grid solar is estimated to grow by more than 70% a year, reaching over eight million households by 2020.

Around 550,000 households in sub-Saharan Africa used off-grid solar solutions in 2015, rising to nearly one million by 2017.

Surely, the solar revolution is in full swing across Africa.

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