Alison Ngibuini gave up her job with an advertising agency to pursue a passion in producing Kenyan-made soap operas. She was getting increasingly disturbed by the huge number of Nigerian, Mexican and other foreign dramas dominating the Kenyan scene and decided to pursue an opportunity in producing Kenyan programmes for the local audience.

Using money she had saved up during her employment with the ad agency, Alison set up Al Is On Productions sometime in 2003 with the weight of her advertising experience and marketing background firmly behind her.

The great thing she loves about her business is that it’s very flexible and she only needs a telephone and computer to operate. As a Smallstarter, she worked out of her house in the early days of the business which has now grown into a complete studio with its own staff and a large number of affiliated freelancers.

Alison also does a lot of TV Commercial advertising jobs for clients. She is credited with a number of successful productions including the Zain Africa Challenge, Mali (a Kenyan drama series) and Siri (an education-entertainment series that focuses on HIV related issues and the position of women in Kenyan society).

Alison’s believes her determination not to return to paid employment kept her focused on achieving success in her new business.

Have you been using your paid employment as an excuse to suppress your dream of becoming an entrepreneur? What are you going to do about it?

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