There’s nothing more magical than being comfortable in your own skin. Everyone loves genuine and original people, and that’s exactly why this impressive performance got me laughing.

After a string of failures in high school, and a failed attempt at a law degree in the US, Chioma Omeruah followed her natural talents and discovered herself in the process.

She is now one of #Africa’s fast-rising multi-talented comics and speech performers. And in this performance at TEDxEuston, she’s just as inspiring as she is funny.

Everyone has natural gifts and passions, but not everyone has the courage to find and pursue them. And that’s because it often takes sacrifice, tough choices, and hard decisions to be who we really want to be, regardless of what other people think.

We all deserve to be comfortable in our skins. Thanks for this piece, Chioma.

Watch and be inspired!

Video credit: TED