Why do we have an African population of over 1 billion people, yet the continent has a very small voice in global politics?

Why do we have a continent that is so rich and abundantly endowed, yet Africa has the highest proportion of poor people on earth?

These are some of the striking questions in this electrifying presentation by Teresa H. Clarke.

Teresa H. Clarke is the CEO of Africa.com, a company she founded in 2010 after resigning from her position as a managing director in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs & Co.

In this very remarkable talk, Teresa shares several interesting insights about how Africans separate themselves from one another, and how it affects Africa’s power and influence on the international stage.

She talks about how Africans in the diaspora distance themselves from Africans at home, and how Africans on the continent also distance themselves from each other.

Teresa makes a very strong case about the identities we share as people of African descent and how we can use these connections and commonalities to make Africa more powerful, prosperous and progressive.

“Let’s focus more on the things that connect us than those differences that divide us.”

This is a great and life changing speech! And it’s surely one of the best TEDx speeches I have ever seen.

You’ll surely watch this one over and over again.

Great work, Teresa!

Video credit: TEDx Talks