“Does God hate Africans?”

“If not, why would he let thousands of African children die?”

These were the daunting questions asked by a 9-year-old child in one of Ndidi Nwuneli’s classes in Sunday School.

Faith bears a strong influence in African society, and today, over 1 billion Africans profess a strong faith in an organised religion. That’s over 90 percent of the continent’s population.

There is literally a church or mosque on most African streets, even in places where there are no schools, hospitals or potable drinking water.

Yes, it’s true the early Christian missionaries built many hospitals and schools on the continent, and educated some of Africa’s most outstanding elite, like Nkrumah, Senghor, and Azikiwe.

It is also true that Islam introduced commerce and mathematics across the continent.

But what has been the net effect of the overwhelming religious faith on our continent?

In this amazing and startling presentation, social entrepreneur Ndidi Nwuneli presents 3 critical changes that need to occur for faith and belief to play a stronger role in modern Africa.

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Video credit: TED