Rabbit farming is catching on across Africa for several reasons. Unlike other livestock, rabbits are not resource intensive animals and their meat is considered lean (low fat) and very healthy.

Carolyne Chebet is a Kenyan entrepreneur who farms rabbits not just for their meat, but for their urine — which is a rich raw material for liquid organic fertilizer used on vegetable farms.

The rabbit urine is collected and mixed with compost and allowed to ferment for 20 days in order to convert it into liquid fertilizer.

Each rabbit produces about 300 millilitres of urine everyday. For Caroline’s farm which houses about 120 rabbits, this translates to nearly 36 litres of rabbit urine every day. She sells off the urine to a local organic fertilizer company that processes the urine before selling it off to end users.

(Note: For ease of conversion, I US Dollar = 102 Kenyan Shillings)