Across Africa, there is still some skepticism about solar power and renewable energy in general. Some tend to believe solar power can only provide ‘backup’ power and may not be able to provide an all-day reliable supply of electricity.

Sulaiman Yusuf is a renewable energy entrepreneur and real estate property developer in Abuja (Nigeria’s capital city) who has constructed an upscale residential building that runs exclusively on renewable energy.

The 10-apartment block building runs on a hybrid system of solar and wind energy, providing up to 40kW of electricity — which is just enough for the residential apartments, including air conditioning.

This building, which is just one of a handful available in Nigeria, is proof that Africa’s energy future has a large off-grid component.

In this interesting video, Sulaiman explains the inspiration that led to this concept, and the technical and financial calculations and considerations behind the building.

Video credit: Heinrich Boell Foundation