I tend to think tribalism is much worse than racism.

It’s the single biggest weakness we, as Africans, are yet to fix.

It’s the reason Africa does not run on meritocracy, and has to endure incompetent leadership.

And it’s the big reason the continent cannot yet unite against anything — corruption, poverty, deprivation, etc.

The story of the man in this talk proffers a solution to the problem of mutual hatred.

Daryl Davis is an African-American musician who reached out to, and became friends with, the imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an organisation that promotes and celebrates white supremacy.

So far, Daryl has helped over 200 self-confessed racists renounce their hatred. And his methods are unbelievably simple, yet surprising.

Do you think we could borrow his strategy and make it work for us in Africa?

It’s a very eye-opening talk, and you’ll be glad you watched it.