If you seriously want to attract visitors, you’ll make it easier for them to know you, and reach you. This principle works the same when a country needs to attract foreign investors.

However, Nigeria — Africa’s biggest economy — is often a hard target for individual investors looking to explore opportunities in one of the world’s most promising emerging markets. In fact, to visit, foreigners are often subjected to a web of paperwork both before and after they get into the country.

Nigeria was ranked 169 out of 190 in the World Bank’s latest Doing Business Report, and has maintained a poor position the lower ranks of the index for many years.

Interestingly, the government recently announced a review of requirements for Nigerian visas to make them “more customer friendly.”

According to the government’s 60-day plan to improve Nigeria’s business environment, the stress of paperwork will be significantly reduced, and visas can now be issued on arrival to high net-worth investors visiting the country for urgent business.

Nigeria, now you’re talking! 🙂

This announcement got the international business news media abuzz and I was invited on the “Money Talks” Show on TRT World — a Turkey-based media channel — to give my views on the newly-relaxed visa rules.

Here’s what I had to say during the short interview in the video clip below:

Video credit: TRT World