Over the last decade, Nigeria’s film industry — popularly known as Nollywood — has grown from anonymity to become the world’s third largest and most prolific movie industry after Hollywood and India’s Bollywood.

Even now, Nollywood still has a lot of runway ahead. Given the country’s population and rising appetite for local content, the potential for growth in Nigeria’s film industry remains very huge.

After 17 years with Odeon Cinemas in the UK, Kene Mkparu resigned from his well-paid job as a General Manager and relocated to Nigeria to explore emerging opportunities in Nigeria’s cinema and film industry.

With his over 23 years of experience in cinema business management, Kene partnered with a local Nigerian player in the cinema business to set up several cinema houses before the partnership fell through in a catastrophic separation.

He had already relocated his family from the UK. His wife had quit a 6-figure salary to join him in Nigeria in pursuit of the new life, but things were turning out much worse than he had ever anticipated.

Teaming up with several of his friends (who had also relocated to Nigeria in pursuit of the same dream), Kene started from scratch to build another cinema business. At a time when startup capital was hard to find and his living budget nearly running out, Kene and his partners successfully snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

His company — Filmhouse Cinemas — is rolling out 25 cinemas across Nigeria, with over 9 cinemas already in operation.

In this inspiring TEDx Talk, Kene Mkparu shares the story of his journey that led him to leave a comfortable life and steady job in the UK for the uncertainty and promise of the ‘jungle’

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Video credit: TEDx Talks