Africa actually produces more than enough food to feed itself. The common problem is, many farmers cannot find markets for their produce even in the face of overwhelming demand.

This structural weakness in Africa’s food supply chain means it can be really hard for farmers to find buyers, and as a result, a lot of produce goes to waste every year; leaving the farmers frustrated and poor.

Sammy Phalane is the founder of Green Buds, a startup business in South Africa that is already fixing this structural weakness.

He found that there’s just one fruit and vegetable market in the rural North West province in South Africa forcing some farmers to drive for over 200km to reach markets.

This provided the perfect business opportunity for Sammy to create a model that allows his company to bridge the gap by connecting farmers and consumers.

His initiative has yielded significant results that have been commended by the government.

He plans to roll out his business model across the country in the coming years.

Watch the short video below to see him in action.

Video credit: CCTV Africa