What if there was a product you could rub on your body and totally skip a bath for a whole day?

Is this even possible?

Yes, it is. One young and absolutely inspiring entrepreneur in South Africa has already invented a lotion you can apply on your body and skip a bath for a whole day.

It’s absolutely clean, non-toxic and very convenient.

The name of this amazing product is ‘DryBath’

Using only a simple mobile phone, this young entrepreneur from a poor neighbourhood did the research for this product, wrote a business plan and has even filed for the patent for his invention.

At the time of this video, he was the youngest patent holder in South Africa.

In this short video, Ludwick Marishane shares the inspiration that led him to develop this innovative product which will help to reduce the volume of water used for bathing on the continent.

The Dry Bath Gel is a revolutionary eco-solution to the bathing needs of millions of people, and will save millions of litres of water across the continent.

Watch and get inspired.