There’s quite a lot you can tell about a person from the way they behave at the table.

And these days, many business meetings and deals happen around tables that have food or drinks served on them. That’s why proper table manners and dining etiquette have become an important skill set for the modern entrepreneur.

It could be a meeting over lunch with a potential client or business partner, or a dinner date with that investor who wants to put money into your business, or it could be a hiring interview for a senior employee.

Whatever the occasion, it’s very unlikely your mother will be there to remind you of proper table manners. So, how you act around the table could make or break that business deal.

As an African who knows some foods are best relished with bare hands, I find some Western table manners rather curious. However, when it’s time to dine on business terms, it’s safer to assume the mainstream dining etiquette.

In this interesting tutorial, the host at Gentleman’s Gazette shares several important tips on dining etiquette.

Happy learning!

Video credit: Gentleman’s Gazette