Strive Masiyiwa is considered one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, a generous humanitarian and philanthropist.

In this video lesson, curated by Evan Carmichael, Strive Masiyiwa shares some very interesting and powerful insights and tips about entrepreneurship.

One of the tips in this video that got me really excited was an impressive tactic he used to launch Econet Wireless, his telecoms company, in Zimbabwe.

This tactic involved hiring about 300 young people and getting them into matatus (that’s the local name for tricycles in Kenya and parts of East Africa). You’ll get the full gist in the video. I’m sure it’ll make you smile 🙂

Born in Zimbabwe but based in London, he quit his job to set up his own company with the equivalent of just $75. In 2014, CNN’s Fortune Magazine named Strive Masiyiwa as one of the 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in the World.

Strive Masiyiwa is renown for taking the telecom monopoly in Zimbabwe to court in a 5-year running battle which he finally won.

His mantra is, “it’s possible to be successful in Africa without being corrupt.”

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video. Strive Masiyiwa is a phenomenal personality and I’m sure you will find great value by watching this!

Enjoy the video!

Video credit: Evan Carmichael