You’re about to find out the top 30 websites for entrepreneurs and investors in Africa. These are the best places on the internet to find interesting business ideas, investment opportunities, breaking news, expert insights and advice about doing business in Africa.

Africa is buzzing with creative talent, impressive business opportunities, and an entrepreneurial revolution that is shaking up the continent like never before in its history.

The websites you’re about to discover are doing an amazing job of exploring and exposing the hidden treasures in Africa’s vast business landscape.

If you’re an entrepreneur, investor or business enthusiast with a general or specific interest in Africa, these are the websites you should bookmark and visit everyday!

Ranking Methodology

The websites on this list have been ranked from top to bottom, according to their Global Traffic Rank on Alexa, as at 1st October 2015. is one of the world’s leading web analytics tools; now owned by Amazon.

The Global Traffic Rank is a measure of how each website ranks relative to all other sites on the internet over the past 3 months. The rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a website’s estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews over the past 3 months.

Although I have also included the size of each website’s social media communities on Twitter and Facebook, this is only an indication of popularity and reach, but not rank.

So, here we go! Let’s meet the top 30 most powerful websites for entrepreneurs and investors in Africa

1. CNN African Start-Up

One of the most popular international TV stations in Africa, CNN has used its powerful platform to expose the positive achievements of African entrepreneurs to the world. CNN African Start-Up shares remarkable business startup stories from all corners of the continent and does a great job on the website.

Global Website Ranking: 76 | Social media: 264,000+ Twitter followers @CNNAfrica | Website: CNN African Start-Up 

1. Top 30 Websites - CNN Africa Start-Up

2. BBC Africa Business Report

The BBC is arguably the oldest international media service in Africa. Presented by Lerato Mbele, The BBC Africa Business Report showcases the latest business news, technology tales, and consumer trends from across the African continent. The website is always updated with short and interesting video clips that focus current and emerging business issues and developments around Africa.

Global Website Ranking: 84 | Social media: 15,000+ Twitter followers @BBCLerato | Website: BBC Africa Business Report  

2. Top 30 Websites - BBC Africa Business Report

3. YALI Africa

Founded in 2014, the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) for Africa is a signature effort of the American government to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The platform provides virtual resources and vibrant physical spaces to equip young African leaders and entrepreneurs with the skills and connections they need to foster change in their communities and their countries.

Global Website Ranking: 1,042 | Social media: 33,000+ Twitter followers @YALINetwork; 99,000+ Facebook fans | Website: YALI Africa

3. Top 30 Websites - YALI Africa

4. McKinsey Insights & Publications

On the website of one of the world’s most renowned business consulting firms, McKinsey’s Insights and Publications section for the Middle East & Africa publish shares research insights, expert advice, interviews and commentaries that are best-suited for business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors looking for facts on which to base business and policy decisions.

Global Website Ranking: 7,404 | Social media: 126,000+ Twitter followers @McKinsey; 298,000+ Facebook fans | Website: McKinsey Insights (Middle East & Africa)

4. Top 30 Websites - McKinsey Insights

5. All Africa

This is definitely one of Africa’s most popular indigenous websites. Served in both English and French, AllAfrica is a voice of, by and about Africa. It aggregates, produces and distributes business news daily from over 130 African news organizations. In addition to its political and sports news, the ‘Business’ section of the website is always full of rich and current information.

Global Website Ranking: 13,596 | Social media: 222,000+ Twitter followers @allafrica; 107,000+ Facebook fans | Website: AllAfrica 

5. Top 30 Websites - All Africa

6. Venture Burn

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Venture Burn focuses on telling the stories and news of startup and tech entrepreneurs from emerging market sectors, covering everything from innovative new businesses and developments in eCommerce to helpful tips for startup entrepreneurs.

Global Website Ranking: 40,940 | Social media: 5,000+ Twitter followers @Ventureburn; 1,000+ Facebook fans | Website: VentureBurn

6. Top 30 Websites - VentureBurn

7. My Top Business Ideas

Best suited for aspiring and startup entrepreneurs, My Top Business Ideas shares an impressive collection of small business ideas and market opportunities that can be explored for profit in Africa. Founded by Ajaero Tony Martins in 2013, this website is a useful resource for people looking for business ideas to spark their imagination.

Global Website Ranking: 44,171 | Social media: 800+ Twitter followers @MTBusinessideas, 1,000+ Facebook fans | Website: My Top Business Ideas 

7. Top 30 Websites - MyTopBusinessIdeas

8. Ventures Africa

Undoubtedly one of the top favourite websites for news, analysis, opinions and discussion about Africa’s business landscape. Ventures Africa remains a champion in sharing business insights and stories that explore the opportunities and complexity of our continent and the African Diaspora.

Global Website Ranking: 49,188 | Social media: 52,000+ Twitter followers @VenturesAfrica; 19,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Ventures Africa 

8. Top 30 Websites - Ventures Africa

9. AFK Insider

If you’re looking for a website that covers African news from a business perspective, AFKInsider is the one. It covers the current business developments and economic forces that guide Africa’s markets. From agribusiness to entrepreneurs, AFKInsider is a great resource for both seasoned investors looking into Africa and general interest readers.

Global Website Ranking: 94,988 | Social media: 7,000+ Twitter followers @AFKInsider; 10,000+ Facebook fans | Website: AFKInsider

9. Top 30 Websites - AFK Insider

10. How We Made it in Africa

Through its sterling reporting, How We Made it in Africa has become a hub for aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs, and foreign investors with a strong interest in Africa. Its case studies, featured articles, and business advice give a unique insight into the sometimes complicated aspects of investing in Africa and trading with the continent.

Global Website Ranking: 102,098 | Social media: 47,000+ Twitter followers @MadeItInAfrica; 43,000+ Facebook fans | Website: How We Made it in Africa

10. Top 30 Websites - How We Made it in Africa

11. Disrupt Africa

Looking for up-to-date news, information and commentary about Africa’s tech startup and investment ecosystem? Disrupt Africa has journalists roaming the continent to find, meet, and interview the most innovative and disruptive tech startups. That’s why this website is a true showcase of Africa’s most promising businesses and business ideas.

Global Website Ranking: 113,333 | Social media: 4,000+ Twitter followers @DisruptAfrica; 900+ Facebook fans | Website: Disrupt Africa 

11. Top 30 Websites - Disrupt Africa


Founded in 2010 by Teresa Clarke, a former managing director of the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs, provides ‘carefully selected’ news on the latest happenings on the business landscape across Africa. Beyond business and financial information, the website also provides coverage on political and cultural news on the continent.

Global Website Ranking: 123,939 | Social media: 11,000+ Twitter followers @Africa_com; 75,000+ Facebook fans | Website: 

12. Top 30 Websites -Africa_com

13. Innov8tiv

This dynamic web resource features the latest technology news and entrepreneurial advances of Africans on the continent as well as in the Diaspora. Founded by Annie Akpe, Innov8tiv seeks to inform consumers and companies about the latest in tech trends and ideologies that exist in Africa and among leaders of colour around the world, including the UK, the Caribbean, Australia, and Asia.

Global Website Ranking: 130,824 | Social media: 7,000+ Twitter followers @innov8tivmag; 37,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Innov8tiv 

13. Top 30 Websites - Innov8tiv

14. VC4Africa

This is arguably the largest online community of venture capitalists, angels and entrepreneurs dedicated to building businesses in Africa. The platform, which was founded in 2008, connects Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs with the resources (knowledge, network and capital) they need to realize their potential. Via the VC4Africa website, entrepreneurs have access to free online tools, mentorship opportunities and private deal rooms.

Global Website Ranking: 132,833 | Social media: 53,000+ Twitter followers @VC4Africa; 45,000+ Facebook fans | Website: VC4Africa

14. Top 30 Websites - VC4Africa

15. Celebrating Progress Africa

Labeled as ‘Africa’s Number one website for progressive news’ Celebrating Progress Africa (more popularly known as ‘CPAfrica’) chronicles the progress made by Africans, especially entrepreneurs, as they lead Africa to economic prosperity. CPAfrica also has vibrant Technology and Culture categories.

Global Website Ranking: 153,625 | Social media: 13,000+ Twitter followers @cpafrica; 54,000+ Facebook fans | Website: CPAfrica

15. Top 30 Websites - CPAfrica

16. Mara Mentor

This online platform enables ambitious entrepreneurs to connect with peers and business leaders on the African continent. Mara Mentor encourages idea and knowledge sharing among Africa’s most promising young entrepreneurs, inspiring a collaborative approach to business start-up and growth. Mara Mentor is an initiative of Mara Foundation, the Mara Group’s social enterprise established in 2009 by Ashish J. Thakkar, Founder of Mara Group.

Global Website Ranking: 256,395 | Social media: 111,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Mara Mentor

16. Top 30 Websites - Mara Mentor

17. The Africa Report

With Africa becoming an investment destination of choice, The Africa Report responds to the growing business need for solid analysis of the political situation and assessment of the risks. For over 50 years, The Africa report continues to provide expert analysis of the African business environment, and remains one of the top references for African business affairs.

Global Website Ranking: 272,551 | Social media: 82,000+ Twitter followers @theafricarepot; 260,000+ Facebook fans | Website: The Africa Report

17. Top 30 Websites - The Africa Report

18. Tony Elumelu Foundation

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is an African-based, African-funded philanthropic organisation. Through its $100 million flagship program, the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program seeks to identify and grow 10,000 African entrepreneurs, create 1 million jobs and add $10 billion in annual revenue to Africa’s economy over the course of the next decade.

Global Website Ranking: 273,254 | Social media: 96,000+ Twitter followers @TonyElumeluFDN; 146,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Tony Elumelu Foundation  

18. Top 30 Websites - The Tony Elumelu Foundation

19. Smallstarter

Unique for its in-depth analysis of business ideas and market opportunities in Africa, Smallstarter is leading the charge to teach, inform and inspire the new generation of small business entrepreneurs across Africa. Its impressive collection of well-researched business ideas, inspiring success stories and practical business advice continues to attract both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs and investors from within and outside Africa.

Global Website Ranking: 275,594 | Social media: 1,000+ Twitter followers @smallstarters; 12,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Smallstarter 

19. Top 30 Websites - Smallstarter

20. She Leads Africa

She Leads Africa serves as a platform to invest in Africa’s most talented and promising female entrepreneurs. Founded by Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei, this impressive online resource provides knowledge and support to female entrepreneurs, and has launched a pitch competition aimed at startups operating on the continent and diaspora.

Global Website Ranking: 354,437 | Social media: 5,000+ Twitter followers @SheLeadsAfrica; 9,000+ Facebook fans | Website: She Leads Africa

20. Top 30 Websites - She Leads Africa

21. Africa Business Pages

Although not an information website in itself, Africa Business Pages is an online directory of businesses involved in intra- and inter-African trade. It focuses on promoting trade from and to Africa and boosting partnerships among traders and African distributors.

Global Website Ranking: 372,433 | Social media: 33,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Africa Business Pages 

21. Top 30 Websites - Africa Business Pages

22. Lionesses of Africa

Dedicated to transforming the profile of women entrepreneurs on the continent, Lionesses of Africa is an online community of ‘lionesses’ sharing their stories, knowledge and experiences, and inspiring one another, and connecting for accelerated success. The ‘Startup Stories’ and ‘100 Lionesses’ sections of the website are full of inspiration and remarkable business ideas.

Global Website Ranking: 417,989 | Social media: 1,000+ Twitter followers @lionessesa; 1,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Lionesses of Africa 

22. Top 30 Websites - Lionesses of Africa

23. The African Business Magazine

This is one platform that offers a unique insight into African affairs, from an African perspective. The African Business Magazine holds the title of bestselling pan-African business magazine. Its special reports profile a wide range of sectors and industries including transport, energy, mining, construction, aviation and agriculture.

Global Website Ranking: 494,419 | Social media: 6,000+ Twitter followers @AfricanBizMag; 4,000+ Facebook fans | Website: The African Business Magazine 

23. Top 30 Websites -African Business Magazine

24. This Is Africa

Published by the Financial Times, This is Africa equips senior decision makers with the knowledge to understand the evolution of African economies; to find partners and investments that match their criteria for return or for development and to position their brands to take advantage of the rise of the African consumer. It regularly features updates on foreign policy, perspectives from leading thinkers on Africa, interviews with global leaders, and analysis of major events and transitions on the continent.

Global Website Ranking: 561,127 | Social media: 29,000+ Twitter followers @thisisafrica | Website: This Is Africa 

24. Top 30 Websites -This Is Africa

25. The Anzisha Prize

Every year, The Anzisha Prize profiles and rewards young entrepreneurs who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities. The ‘Entrepreneur Stories’ section of this website is a very rich source of business ideas and inspiration for thousands of Africans who closely follow the annual selection process.

Global Website Ranking: 808,022 | Social media: 2,000+ Twitter followers @anzishaprize; 13,000+ Facebook fans | Website: The Anzisha Prize 

25. Top 30 Websites - The Anzisha Prize

26. African Business Review

Africa Business Review is a leading source of news and content for C-level executives focused on business and industry-specific news from across the African continent. Through its website, daily news and weekly e-newsletter, African Business Review helps executives stay up-to-date with the most fundamental operational issues in demanding and ever more competitive business sectors across Africa.

Global Website Ranking: 934,976 | Social media: 6,000+ Twitter followers @AfricaBizReview; 3,000+ Facebook fans | Website: The African Business Review 

26. Top 30 Websites - African Business Review

27. LIONS Africa

Launched at the 2012 World Economic Forum on Africa, LIONS Africa is mobilizing the knowledge, expertise and resources of leading public and private institutions to encourage and enhance Africa’s innovation ecosystem and to spur entrepreneurship on the continent. LIONS Africa is a partnership of several organisations including the US State Department, Microsoft, Nokia, the African Development Bank and several others.

Global Website Ranking: 1,000,361 | Social media: 2,000+ Twitter followers @lionsafrica | Website: LIONS Africa

27. Top 30 Websites - Lions Africa

28. Africa Business Jumpstart

This impressive website helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to get started in Africa’s new emerging markets through its rare market tips, expert guidance, and actionable tools. Its founder, Dr. Harnet Bokrezion, is a seasoned and experienced business coach, and co-author of 101 Ways To Make Money in Africa, a new and refreshing perspective to business opportunities on the continent.

Global Website Ranking: 1,621,146 | Social media: 700+ Twitter followers @africajumpstart; 2,000+ Facebook fans | Website: Africa Business Jumpstart 

28. Top 30 Websites - Africa Business Jumpstart

29. FarmBiz Africa

This impressive website is focused on exploring the amazing business opportunities and success stories in Africa’s agribusiness space. FarmBiz Africa provides some of the most current news, releases and insights that help to meet the information needs of Africa’s agripreneurs. For its visionary work, it’s no surprise it has won several awards from the FAO, UNEP, NEPAD and others.

Global Website Ranking: 2,634,794 | Social media: 9,000+ Twitter followers @farmbizafrica; 10,000+ Facebook fans | Website: FarmBiz Africa

29. Top 30 Websites - Farm Biz Africa

30. Afrinnovator

Selected as one of CNN’s Top 10 African Tech Voices To Follow, Afrinnovator tells the stories of African startups, African innovation, African made technology, African tech entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs. It specializes in observing, researching and analyzing the trends in technology innovation & entrepreneurship in Africa.

Global Website Ranking: 2,969,126 | Social media: 67,000+ Twitter followers @Afrinnovator; | Website: Afrinnovator 

30. Top 30 Websites - Afrinnovator

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