His name is Vusi Thembekwayo, and this TEDx Talk about entrepreneurship in Africa is about the best I have ever seen.

Vusi Thembekwayo is a South African serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who featured as one of the investors in the famous South African edition of Dragon’s Den. He’s also the Chairman of Watermark Afrika Fund.

This speech is a real wake-up call for Africa. In this short video, Vusi challenges African entrepreneurs to think radically. According to him, ‘it’s no longer OK for African businesses to start small and stay small.’

Faith is the ability to see the invisible, to believe in the impossible and trust in the unknown. Africa needs us to have faith. Vusi Thembekwayo

In this rich 17-minute talk, he shares several interesting tips, ideas and revolutionary thoughts about starting a business in Africa, and the key ingredients it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur on the continent.

In the last quarter of this video, Vusi shares four rules, that if obeyed, will create massively successful businesses in Africa. Make sure you don’t miss that part of the video.