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The Roadmap Program

Are you struggling to raise enough funds for your business, project, or cause?

The Roadmap Program is our signature program for entrepreneurs and businesses that need to raise funding to start, grow, or turnaround their venture.

It is a practical, intensive, and results-focused program that shows you how to prepare your business for investment, how to find and target the right investors, how to avoid costly mistakes, and how to craft convincing proposals that will make investors want to give you money.

Besides successfully raising thousands of dollars in funding, some alumni of the Roadmap Program have won high-profile business competitions and prize awards, and have attracted significant international media exposure on national dailies, CNN, and the BBC World Service.

If you’re ready to follow a proven fundraising program that significantly increases your chances of raising the funds you need to start, grow, or turnaround that business, this is your chance.

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The Insiders Program

Do you need help with starting, growing, or turning around your dream business?

The Insiders Program is a combination of ongoing advanced business courses, a private coaching service, and a networking platform that allows you to collaborate with other entrepreneurs like you who are working hard to build their businesses.

The program focuses on five key business challenges: generating sales, hiring and keeping capable people, developing strong business systems, raising funds, and low-risk startup strategies.

The Program works like a gym membership. For a small monthly fee, members have access to our extensive library of advanced business courses, and also have access to tools, resources, and private group coaching that allows you to ask any questions you want and get specific advice that’s relevant to your business.

Building a business is a long and lonely journey. If you’re ready to join a group of smart, ambitious, and determined entrepreneurs who are supporting one another on their journey to the top, this is your chance.

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Speaking & Live Facilitation

My unique perspectives on business, African entrepreneurship, leadership and strategy make me a sought-after speaker and facilitator at high profile events for the leadership and management cadre of companies, professional associations, trade groups, and non-governmental organisations.

I specialise in delivering keynote speeches and seminars, faclitating vision setting and strategy formulation sessions at management retreats, and providing expert opinions in on-stage panel discussions.

My speaking and facilitation engagements have taken me across the African continent. They range from management retreats for mid-sized companies and high-profile cooperative societies in Nigeria, to keynote speeches at conferences and business events in Sudan, Cameroon and Ghana, to expert-level panel discussions in Morocco.

Previous clients include the Total E&P Cooperative Society, the Nigeria LNG Staff Cooperative Society, the Amadeus Institute, Cromwell PSI, Teach Connect, the Lutfi Institute, and the Centre for Equality and Equity, among others.

I’ll be glad to spark up your next event with insights and inspiration that will transform your team, vision, and entire business.

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