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The Smallstarter Business Podcast

Tune in to John-Paul Iwuoha’s unique weekly podcasts for practical tips, advice, and insights that’ll improve your chances of starting, growing, or turning around your business.

If you’re an African entrepreneur, or you do business (or plan to do business) in Africa, you’ll love how John-Paul thinks and talks about strategy, market entry, sales and customer acquisition, growth, expansion, raising capital, developing strong business systems, leadership, and hiring capable and loyal people on your team.

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SBP 097: How To Repair A Business That Makes Money (Sales) But Is Not Profitable

It’s frustrating to run a business that feels like a leaking bucket. That’s the situation in businesses that make money from sales, but there’s hardly anything left as profit. In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore the common suspects in these kinds of businesses.  I talk about [...]

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SBP 096: The Art of B2B Sales — How To Sell And Do Business With Big Companies & Organisations

Big companies can make great customers.  They have deep pockets. They’re less price sensitive, and they are more likely to work with you for the long term.  That’s why B2B sales can be an important growth opportunity for your business. In this episode of the podcast, I explore the opportunities and considerations for targeting B2B customers and 5 practical tips [...]

SBP 095: 5 Tips For Enduring The Psychological Stresses Of Building A Business

How do you deal with the mental, psychological and emotional stresses of building a business? Building a successful business is a marathon that takes a toll on your mind. That’s why you need endurance and coping mechanisms to support you. In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explore 5 effective mental exercises that can help entrepreneurs cope with [...]

SBP 094: How To Start A Business In A Crowded Or Competitive Market

99.99% of businesses sell a version of a product or service that already exists. This means that if you plan to start a new business or launch a new product, you will likely be facing a crowded or competitive market. Crowded markets can be a big advantage and a huge opportunity for newcomers. However, they also come with dangers and [...]

SBP 093: How To Make Customer Service Your Biggest Competitive Advantage (A Masterclass)

Many small and mid-sized businesses are failing at customer service. This is a big opportunity for you because improving how you serve your customers can become a strong competitive advantage for your business. This episode is a mini-Masterclass in how you can achieve this. You’re going to unlearn some of the misconceptions you may have about your customers, and how [...]

SBP 092: The 4 Types Of People Who Will Do Well As Employees In Your Business

You cannot build a successful business on your own. You will likely need the help of employees. But how can you tell the right kind of person to hire for your business? How much knowledge, skill, and experience should they have? What kind of personality should you be looking for? In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I discuss [...]

SBP 091: Vital Signs — How To Make Sure Your Business Runs Well When You’re Not Around

How you be sure your business is in good hands while you’re away on travel, vacation, study, or just busy taking care of another business? In this episode, I’m going to introduce you to the interesting concept of “vital signs”. It’s an effective tactic that is used to great effect in hospitals around the world. And there is a lot [...]

SBP 089: Self-funded Businesses vs. Investor-funded Businesses — Which Is Better?

It’s boom time for startups around the world.  Last year alone (2021), startups on the African continent raised over $4 billion from local and international investors. But do you really have to raise money from investors? Or should you continue running as a self-funded business and ignore the temptations to raise money from banks and outside investors? In this interesting [...]

SBP 088: Insights and Strategies for Raising Money for A Business — with Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt!

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the challenge of raising capital to start, grow and scale their businesses. How to overcome this seemingly insurmountable obstacle? In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, Kristin H. Wilson of Spurt! shares some interesting insights and strategies for overcoming this problem. During this interview, we explored a range of subjects, from the power of strategic [...]

SBP 087: Why Nice People Don’t Always Succeed In Business And What To Do About It

Why does it often seem that ‘nice’ people are easily taken advantage of in business? And does this suggest that we have to be mean, nasty, and brutal to win in business? The truth is, there are aggressive and domineering people out there who will take advantage of your “niceness”, generosity, and patience. These people could be your customers, employees, [...]

SBP 086: The 6 Types of Businesses I Never Want To Do In My Life

Some businesses are just deadends by design. They may look exciting on the surface, but the reality is much worse than your eyes can see. After investing your time, money, and efforts in them, you’re very likely to regret your decision down the road. But what if you could identify these kinds of businesses in advance? That’s exactly what this [...]