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The Smallstarter Business Podcast

Tune in to John-Paul Iwuoha’s unique weekly podcasts for practical tips, advice, and insights that’ll improve your chances of starting, growing, or turning around your business.

If you’re an African entrepreneur, or you do business (or plan to do business) in Africa, you’ll love how John-Paul thinks and talks about strategy, market entry, sales and customer acquisition, growth, expansion, raising capital, developing strong business systems, leadership, and hiring capable and loyal people on your team.

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SBP 007: 3 Powerful Ways To Carve A Niche For Your Business

What exactly is a niche and why should you think very seriously about carving a niche for your business? Is it better to be a generalist in business or a specialist? In starting or growing a business, should you try to grab a little bit of everything and capture a big share of the market, or is it better to [...]

SBP 006: How I FINALLY Overcame My Fear Of Selling

Selling is a superpower skill. The ability to sell, persuade, and influence other people is the most important skill any human can have. If you're good at selling, you're very likely to go far in life, business, relationships, politics, or any sphere of your existence you choose to excel in. In this interesting episode, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the fears, limiting [...]

SBP 005: How To Attract Investors And Banks To Fund Your Business

There is a lot of capital floating around in the world today. Still, many entrepreneurs on the African continent struggle to attract funding to start, grow, or turn around their businesses. Why do many entrepreneurs think funding is scarce when, in reality, the opposite is true? In this eye-opening episode, John-Paul Iwuoha discusses 5 important areas that could significantly increase [...]

SBP 004: Is Capitalism The Best Option For Africa?

With a population of 1.2 billion people that is expected to double by 2050, Africa's future is threatened by two dangerous realities: growing poverty and a widening gap between the rich and poor. What is the best way for Africa to create enough wealth to eradicate poverty and distribute the wealth equitably to close the gap between rich and poor? [...]

SBP 003: Why You Need A STRONG Mission And Vision For Your Business

It's in almost every business plan you will ever see. You're likely to find it hanging on the wall in the lobby or behind the receptionist's desk in every company's head office. But exactly how much value can a strong mission and vision bring to a business? In another interesting signature episode, John-Paul shares real-life examples of how big brands [...]

SBP 002: The #1 Reason Many Businesses Are Not Making Enough Money

Despite growing sales, happy customers, well-paid employees, and satisfied suppliers, many businesses and entrepreneurs are broke. A big reason for this is how entrepreneurs treat profit in their businesses. After paying everybody else, most entrepreneurs are left with crumbs or 'paper profit'. This interesting episode presents an unconventional but very effective way to turn around the profitability of a business [...]

SBP 001: How Smart Entrepreneurs Survive and Thrive in Times of Crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest existential threat of our generation (so far). The global economy has tanked, unemployment is rising, oil prices have reached all-time lows, and uncertainty is thick in the air. Is there any way out this? This must be the apocalypse, the end of the world, right? The truth is, every crisis comes with two things [...]