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The Smallstarter Business Podcast

Tune in to John-Paul Iwuoha’s unique weekly podcasts for practical tips, advice, and insights that’ll improve your chances of starting, growing, or turning around your business.

If you’re an African entrepreneur, or you do business (or plan to do business) in Africa, you’ll love how John-Paul thinks and talks about strategy, market entry, sales and customer acquisition, growth, expansion, raising capital, developing strong business systems, leadership, and hiring capable and loyal people on your team.

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SBP 075: How To Know When It Is Time To Grow And Expand Your Business

Almost every entrepreneur wants to grow their business. Growth is exciting. Growth means a bigger business that makes more sales, has more customers, and is more visible and known by people. But guess what? Growth can kill a business if it’s not done well. In fact, if you grow your [...]

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SBP 074: The 6 Specific Ways To Quickly Improve The Profitability Of Your Business

Many businesses are struggling to survive. And most of these businesses make either very low profits, zero profits, or serious losses. How to improve profits in a business is a major headache for entrepreneurs. After paying suppliers, salaries, rent, and other expenses, there is almost nothing left for the owner of the business. And if this situation continues, it’s only [...]

SBP 073: The Strategic Types of Capital You Need To Build A Successful Business

Running out of money. It’s the top reason most businesses fail. According to CB Insights, up to 40 percent of failed businesses were due to a lack of capital. And that’s for the US, Canada, and Europe. In developing markets like Africa, I can bet the number is much higher. But what makes a business run out of money? And [...]

SBP 072: How To Get Better At Business Development & Networking — Practical Insights from Cynthia Lareine

If people don’t know you, they can’t help you or do business with you. That’s why networking is so important in business. Through networking, many people have found investors, business partners, and very good suppliers and distributors. Unfortunately, many people are not so good at networking. Most people think networking is just about introducing themselves, shaking people’s hands, and giving [...]

SBP 071: How To Handle Angry Customers — A Practical Example

Your customers are not always right. Sometimes, this is especially true for angry customers. How do you handle a person who insults you, threatens you, and may likely tell other people bad things about your business? In your career as an entrepreneur, you will likely come across this kind of person. But guess what? Angry customers are a special gift [...]

SBP 070: The 5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Kill A Business

A friend of mine recently shut down his restaurant business. It was painful to watch him go through it. I still remember how excited he was when he first started the business. I still remember his vision to expand the business into other cities in the country. I still remember how much time, energy and money he sacrificed for that [...]

SBP 069: Startup Strategy — Is It Better To Start Big or Start Small in Business?

Having an idea for anything is easy. But it is much harder to actually start. It could be a new business. A new product. Or a new sales strategy. So, what is the best way to start anything in business? Should you wait until you have all the resources you need so you can start BIG? Or should you start [...]

SBP 068: The 3 Important Leadership Styles Every Entrepreneur Should Master

You cannot build your business alone. At some point, you will need other people to help you. Most of them will likely be employees who will work for you. That’s why every successful entrepreneur has to have good leadership skills. Because if you don’t know how to lead, nobody will follow you. But what is the best way to be [...]

SBP 067: The Subtle But Important Difference Between A Customer And A Fan

Every business is looking for customers. The more customers you have, the better for your business. But there is one BIG problem with customers. They can easily leave you. Make a small mistake. Increase your prices. Or delay their orders. And some of them will leave you. They will leave you for another business that sells cheaper, better, or faster. [...]

SBP 066: 11 Intelligent Ways To Prevent Theft and Fraud in Any Business

Growth is a beautiful thing in any business. When you grow, you make more money, serve more customers, and hire more employees. But there’s something else that comes with growth. It’s called complexity. As your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to monitor everything. It becomes harder to monitor everybody that works for you, especially their actions and decisions. [...]

SBP 065: What To Do When Your Employees Gang Up Against You

Most businesses depend on employees to function. But as your business grows, your employees will become key stakeholders. And they may start to ask for more. They could ask for higher pay and more privileges. Or more rights and improved work conditions. If you don’t handle these grievances, your employees may start to gang up against you. And trust me, [...]