Despite growing sales, happy customers, well-paid employees, and satisfied suppliers, many businesses and entrepreneurs are broke.

A big reason for this is how entrepreneurs treat profit in their businesses. After paying everybody else, most entrepreneurs are left with crumbs or ‘paper profit’.

This interesting episode presents an unconventional but very effective way to turn around the profitability of a business in a way that adequately rewards entrepreneurs and business owners for the time, energy and risk they invest in building businesses.

Important points in this episode:

  • The best way to see your business and change your perspective on profit.
  • The shocking reason why many entrepreneurs and businesses are broke.
  • My personal experience running an unprofitable million-dollar business.
  • The two ways your business should be paying you.
  • 5 ways every business makes money, and the most important one to focus on.
  • An introduction to the “Profit First” mentality.