Selling is a superpower skill. The ability to sell, persuade, and influence other people is the most important skill any human can have.

If you’re good at selling, you’re very likely to go far in life, business, relationships, politics, or any sphere of your existence you choose to excel in.

In this interesting episode, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the fears, limiting beliefs, and psychological obstacles that held him back from expressing his ability to sell.

If you’re struggling with sales, the revelations in this episode could dramatically change your views about selling, and why you should try hard to be the best salesperson you could ever be.

Important points in this episode:

  • Why selling is a superpower and the most important skill a human being can have
  • My Journey: Making my move from employee to entrepreneur
  • Surprisingly, the fear of selling comes from two interesting sources (listen to find out what they are).
  • Why humans are sellers by nature, and three interesting examples from everyday life.
  • 3 misconceptions that helped erase my fear of selling
  • How I’m embracing my destiny as a salesperson