You’re excited. After weeks of planning and strategizing, your business or new product is now ready for launch. After all the time, sweat and money you’ve spent developing your concept, the day to earn your big reward has finally come. And sometimes when you’re idle, you can’t fight the urge to open the calculator app on your phone to look at the sales and profit figures you expect to hit.

And then the moment arrives. You’re finally open for business and ready to make sales. But there’s a problem.

They see the product. They touch it. They ask for the price. BUT they don’t buy.

Why do potential customers — the people you had in mind when you started your business or built your new product — not respond positively when the time comes to bring out their wallets and give you money?

In another interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the big 5 reasons why people don’t buy, and practical ways to resolve this problem and get the sales you’re looking for.