What do you do when you have a good, well-paid job, but still feel an unstoppable itch to express your entrepreneurial potential?

Can a job and a business co-exist, or do you have to choose one and leave the other?

Should you keep your job and run your startup as a side business, or should you quit your job and go full time with your business?

Whether you’re doing it for additional income, to become your own boss, or to create an impact in society, making the transition from “employee” to “entrepreneur” is a decision that requires careful consideration before you make your move.

And once you’ve made up your mind, timing becomes critical.

If you move too early, you could lose a vital and stable source of income and your young business may suffer. On the flip side, if you move too late, you could get hooked on the tranquilizing effects of a salary and become trapped in an endless cycle of procrastination.

In another interesting episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, John-Paul Iwuoha explores the key factors anyone should consider before making the decision to start a side business or go full time with their new business.

He also discusses the important signs to look out for if you plan to keep your job, or quit it to face your business full-time.