How important is the name of a business?

Does it make any difference what you call your business or name your products? Will anyone really care?

You will be surprised.

Choosing a good name for your business or products brings in much more than commercial benefits. It has strong psychological benefits too.

Like a child whose future is unknown, NOBODY knows what your business could become tomorrow. That includes you.

That’s why you need to carefully consider the name of your business and products.

And remember, once you’ve chosen a name, it can be very expensive to change it later, especially when that name has become fixed in the mind of the market.

In this episode, you’re going to find out the 5 most important qualities every good business name has — from Google and Apple, to IBM, CNN and Toyota.

And more importantly, I’ll also share with you the 5 critical things you should remember to do as you choose a name for your business.