Growth is a beautiful thing That’s why almost every entrepreneur is looking for new ways to grow their business.

Growth brings in customers. Customers bring in sales. And sales increase the size and likelihood of profits.

On top of the financial benefits, growth is good for the ego. Growth often attracts a lot of public attention, admirers, and media recognition.

But when most people think of growth, they think of more marketing, more advertising, better branding, and more sales.

They think of Instagram and Facebook ads, or how to get more links through LinkedIn or get featured in a popular magazine or television show.

Did you know?

What many entrepreneurs don’t realize is that growth can actually kill a business if it’s not done right.

I have seen it happen several times.

A company starts well, has a lot of potential, and starts growing. Customer demand is soaring.

And all of a sudden… “BOOM!” … it crashes.

What happened?

There’s a lot of pressure growth can put on the backend of a business.

And if you’re not ready for it, growth can crush your business.

In this week’s episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I explain the 3 big and notorious factors that can kill a growing business from the inside.

It’s more painful when a business with potential crashes and burns.

That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about the experience.

So, if you’re thinking of growing your business, or you are currently in the middle of growing yours, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.

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Happy learning!