It takes more than one tree to make a forest.

That’s why you need help.

You will likely need help to grow your business to its full potential.

You may need people who have the skills and experience you don’t have.

You may need people who have the access, contacts, networks, and strategic relationships that you lack.

These people could be business partners, co-founders, or employees.

However, to attract and keep really good people, you have to be able to pay (reward) them well so they stay committed to you.

But how can you pay if you’re just a new business, a young startup, or a financially-troubled business?

Here’s the secret:

There is a way to pay and motivate good people to work for you and help build your business even if you can’t yet afford their salaries.

That’s why you need to listen to this week’s episode of the podcast.

This episode features an interesting question from Victor Hiram in Nigeria.

He’s working on an e-Commerce business and I share an interesting strategy he can use to hire and retain good people to work for him (or with him) to achieve his vision for the business.

You’re going to learn a lot from this.