Every entrepreneur wants to make money.

We all want to get rewarded for our ideas, our creativity, our smarts, our hard work, and the risks we take.

But still…

Some people work harder and longer in their businesses than others, but still, make far less money than others.

Some entrepreneurs take more risk, but end up with far less returns?

Why does this happen?

Why is income not always proportional to effort and hard work?

Why do the rewards we get sometimes not measure up to the risks we take?

Here is the simple answer:

All income is not the same.

In my experience, there are 4 types of income an entrepreneur can make.

And each type of income has a different risk profile, but all are important for the long-term stability and success of an entrepreneur.

I wasted a lot of my early years in business chasing only one type of income.

And despite all the hard work and risks I was taking, there wasn’t much income to show.

In this episode of the Smallstarter Business Podcast, I reveal the two big factors that influence income.

And then I go into detail to explain each of the 4 types of income and the important things you should consider.

You’re going to learn a lot from this.